Noordhoek Offshore Expands - 25/10/2003

Noordhoek was founded in 1933 as a shipping company. Since the very beginning of the giant Delta project in The Netherlands in 1959 Noordhoek changed its working activities to become an underwater contractor. The range of services consists of diving, ROV, remote interventions, subsea installations and construction, abandonment services, cable-laying, trenching services, cable lay vessels, tunnel diving and construction works. Together with subsidiary Seatec Underwater Systems, Noordhoek is able to perform all major subsea-related projects. Due to the departure of one of the major players, Thales Geosolutions BV, from the Dutch offshore survey field, Noordhoek Offshore has decided to further develop its in-house survey capabilities and capacity. For this purpose, Peter Boon has been employed as Survey Operations Manager and Brian Beard as Survey Manager. Both Peter and Brian have extensive world-wide hydrographic survey experience. The Noordhoek survey department is presently capable of performing both near-shore and off-shore survey activities.

Last updated: 25/10/2020