Nortek Supplies New-generation Navigation System to Unique Group

Nortek Supplies New-generation Navigation System to Unique Group

Unique Group, a leading integrated subsea and offshore solution provider, has added the latest Nortek Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) 1000 to its global inventory, bringing the latest in navigation and positioning systems to clients. The DVL is an essential tool across a wide range of subsea operations where the quality and accuracy of data is key.

“Nortek instruments have repeatedly proven to be exceptionally reliable and popular with our clients and we expect there to be significant demand for this new innovation,” says Alan Cameron, general manager of Unique System UK, about the new equipment. “Frequently used for ROV and AUV operations, the Nortek DVLs are capable of achieving a very high level of accuracy. They are the smallest and lightest available on the market and have a very low power consumption. The resultant payload on vehicles can be vastly reduced, eliminating the need for additional complicated or reinforced engineering designs.”

Claire Cardy, director of Nortek UK, adds: “We have a long-standing relationship with Unique Group and are delighted to partner with Unique to make our DVLs available to the rental market and a wide range of end users. The products are amongst the most innovative in the market and, with Unique’s extensive distribution network and exceptional client relationships, we anticipate early adoption of the DVL 1000.”

In trials, the DVL has achieved exceptional performance with long-term position drift errors of only 0.02%, whilst maintaining bottom lock from 0.2m to 200m above the seabed.

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