Offshore Renewables Symposium - 08/07/2011


NortekUK is organising the 2011 NortekUK Offshore Renewables Symposium at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Heathrow, London from 26th to 27th October 2011. The symposium offers two days of presentations, technical discussions and networking opportunities focused around the use of acoustic Doppler measurement technology in the field of offshore renewable Energy.

The 2011 Symposium invites participation from all disciplines of oceanography and ocean engineering from the academic, government and commercial sectors. A number of keynote speakers already has been arranged to set the scene. Nortek is seeking submissions from additional speakers from areas such as the measurement of current flow in-front of and behind tidal turbines; the measurement of scour on wind farms; collecting data at environmentally challenging prospective tidal turbine sites; on-line wave and current profiling systems at wind farms; the influence of waves on turbines and the role of laboratory modelling and associated new technology.

Prospective speakers are invited to submit their presentation titles, using the delegate application form available from the website.



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