OI 2016: Handling Big Data in the Conference Spotlight - 01/02/2016

‘Handling Big Data’ appears on the Oceanology International conference agenda for the first time. The half day afternoon conference on Wednesday 16 March deals with the challenges of ‘big data’ both in terms of data management and data communications.

The session will be chaired by Harvey Stoelinga, general manager, Teledyne RESON BV and Teledyne PDS Software Development, and Keith Haines, BMT Professor of Marine Informatics, University of Reading.

With four company presentations and two university groups, a great overview of cutting edge applications and research platforms being developed will be presented to take advantage of big data being rapidly processed into applications. Presentations will cover surveying to underwater imagery to meteorology and ocean waves and currents for offshore applications; risk management in the coastal zone, and the technologies linking big datasets together and making them more useable.

Like all OI 2016 conference sessions, ‘Handling Big Data’ is free to attend.

Down to Detail

The session comprises six presentations in addition to the Chairmen’s welcome.

Michael Liddell, Construction Support and Positioning manager, Fugro Survey Limited, will start the conference ball rolling with his presentation ‘Surveying on a cloudy day’. He will be followed by Amos Barkai, CEO of OLRAC SPS who will be looking at ‘The development of an integrated Electronic Monitoring (EM) and Reporting (ER) system to be used on-board commercial fishing boats based on eEye on-board camera surveillance technology and the Olrac Electronic Logbook Solution’. Bertrand Chemisky, Vision and Robotics Manager, COMEX SA will then present on ‘ORUS3D: Optimal reproduction of underwater sites’.

After a short exhibition and networking break, Al Rumson, PhD Research Student, Cranfield University will speak about ‘Big data revolutionising risk mitigation for coastal management’; to be followed by Jon Blower, Director of Science at the Institute for Environmental Analytics on ‘How to be BOLD: Big, Open and Linked Data in the ocean sciences’.

The final presentation in this conference strand by Robin Stephens, Metocean Group manager, BMT ARGOSS, looks at the ‘Challenges of managing and verifying large data sets generated by ocean modelling in West Africa to support commercial applications’, in a paper co-authored by Clare O’Neill of the Met Office, and Elizabeth Orelup of Oceanweather.

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