Onboard Training System Wins Dynamic Positioning Award - 08/02/2016

The ‘Onboard Training System’ (OTS), developed by Kongsberg Maritime company SMSC, won the Dynamic Positioning Award at the Offshore Support Journal Conference, Awards & Exhibition in London last week. The system allowing users to control a real vessel under DP, but within a simulated environment, was recognised by the award judges as a completely unique and positive new approach to Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) training.

With the OTS concept, the vessel is controlled in a normal manner by a deck officer on the bridge, either by the use of manual controls or by the use of Dynamic Positioning (DP). The vessel’s motion and position in the virtual world is calculated based on input from the vessel’s navigational aids (minimum GPS and Gyro) and shown on a dedicated screen. While the vessel is actually in safe, open waters, the virtual world can contain imaginary objects and installations (such as rigs, buoys, piers, etc.) shown on the screen. Using this setup, the DP operator can simulate approach to a platform or other installations, docking the ship at any port, navigating in narrow and constricted waters, and various other operations.

During training, the real DP system is live, so the vessel physically moves according to input, but the operator sees the results in the simulated visual scene. In this way, instructors can introduce any conditions or combination of targets, allowing them to create exercises that deliver real-life experience, with the flexibility to train on specific operations or areas of competence. The concept, which is already in use on several vessels, enables DPOs to understand how a vessel really responds to their commands, whilst interacting with virtual objects in a simulated environment, with the flexibility to introduce any tasks or conditions.

SMSC was nominated for the award by Simon Møkster Shipping, who co-developed this unique take on DP training and simulation to ensure high competence across its workforce.


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