Optical Modem for Subsea Communication - 17/02/2016

Aquatec Group has announced the launch of the AQUAmodem Op1L, a lightweight version of its standard optical modem, designed for use by divers and on small ROVs. Using established technology, the optical modem allows short-range interrogation, commanding and data download from underwater equipment. The new instrument is three times lighter than the original optical modem, making it ideal for applications in oceanographic, environmental and coastal research, as well as offshore energy industries.

The AQUAmodem Op1L is compatible with any instrument with an RS232 serial interface, including Aquatec’s AQUAlogger and HYDROlog ranges, and can replace costly ROV mateable connectors or cables, resulting in economical operations and greater flexibility. The latest version is also interchangeable with Aquatec’s original optical modem, and can reduce expenditure costs when combined with existing systems.

Aquatec sees a growing demand for smaller ROVs for shallow water applications, which can be easily deployed from a small boat or dockside. The design makes the AQUAmodem Op1L suited for deployment on these ROVs to depths of 500m.

Aquatec will be showcasing the new AQUAmodem Op1L at Oceanology International 2016, along with its new AQUAscat 1000L and SSC converter software. If you want to learn more about the optical modem, join Aquatec on stand J300.

Last updated: 27/02/2018