Party Time for Seabed - 02/04/2009

Dutch supplier for the hydrographic, dredging and offshore industry, Seabed, celebrated on 1 April their first five years in business. During these five years Seabed has grown from three up to fifteen professionals and from 20 to about 40 different products and solutions. On their stand, they hosted a party that was well attended.


Seabed specialises in technical services aimed at the development and implementation of both hardware and software. Besides a highly qualified staff, the company offers a wide range of high-quality instruments. Seabed offers a large range of GPS equipment and utilities as well as a broad variety of hydrographic tools such as tide gauges, echo sounders and motion/heading sensors. To offer the complete package Seabed can also supply geotechnical equipment for soil sampling, such as our in-house developed electrical vibrocorer.



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