Portable Side-Scan Sonar - 16/03/2010

The HMS-1400 Side-Scan Sonar System is a part of Falmouth Scientific's new Hegg Marine Solutions Division, specialising in products and services for the hydrographic and marine survey markets. The HMS-1400 is a low-cost, portable, single- or dual-frequency side-scan system. Powered by GeoDAS software from Oceanic Imaging Consultants, the HMS-1400 comprises a portable tow fish and waterproof topside case containing the data acquisition, control and power supply.


The HMS-1400 is ideal for harbour security and hazard surveys, search and rescue operations, and small-vessel surveys. Dual-frequency options from 100 through 1200 kHz max allow for best range/resolution selection for specific applications. The GeoDAS interface and display software at the heart of the system provides mission planning and control, automatic tuning and target marking, and real-time mosaicing of seabed images on top of nautical chart data for effective image location and mission execution.

Last updated: 27/02/2018