Remote Camera System for Autonomous Remote Surveillance - 15/02/2016

Australian company Fastwave has released the Go Remote photo and video imaging system for acquiring and delivering imagery in real time, from anywhere in the world, directly to end-user visualisation, monitoring and control systems. By integrating GoPro Hero cameras, Fastwave’s Go Remote technology provides single and multiple GoPro camera setups, the latter delivering multi-view and panoramic ability for maximum situational awareness and surveillance capability.

Go Remote provides enhanced situational awareness, remote surveillance and monitoring for autonomous and remotely piloted applications. Using Iridium Satellite to transmit images and receive commands, Go Remote enables persistent over-the horizon image capture for remote, unattended fixed and mobile platforms such as Autonomous Surface Vehicles.

Cameras may be mounted anywhere users desire around their surface, airborne and even underwater operating environment. Long wave thermal infrared (LWIR) or ‘true night vision’ is also available as an option. Additionally, programmable interfaces enable synchronised data acquisition with external sensors such as sonar, acoustics, radar and more.

Authorised users are able to remotely command, view and retrieve camera imagery from marine, airborne or land based applications. Imagery is automatically processed, transferred, stored and archived for viewing and analytics in a seamless web media gallery. GPS tracking and location-specific data is presented within an online interactive graphical map facility.

The system has recently been successfully installed on an autonomous surface vehicle performing ocean surveillance missions.

Go Remote is suitable for surveillance in the vast oceans, remote Australian outback or tropical jungles as well as for scientific research in the extreme polar regions.


Last updated: 27/02/2018