ROV Cylinders and Manipulators - 05/04/2011


Hydro-Lek (UK) will be showcasing the HLK 14000 series of new compact hydraulic cylinders which have been designed to be extremely lightweight, compact and versatile. Manufactured out of hard-anodised aluminium, the cylinders are suited for subsea applications where weight and durability are of importance.


With four bore sizes ranging from 10 to 25mm and piston rod diameters of 6 to 16mm, Hydro-Lek’s 14000 cylinder series offers high performance at a standard nominal working pressure of 210 bar. All sizes are available with varying stroke lengths and three industry standard mounting options: the Rear Eye Mount, the Nose Thread Mount and the Front Flange Mount.


The cylinders are manufactured to customers’ required stroke length and are supplied on a two to three-week delivery.  “We are carrying a substantial stock of standard parts for these cylinders which, for our customers, means not only a fast turnaround but also a significant saving on stainless steel equivalents” says Hydro-Lek MD, Chris Lokuciewski


Hydro-Lek will also be demonstrating the HLK 40400 and 40500, the new work class 5 and 7 function manipulators which have been developed to meet the increasing requirements of the new work class ROVs.

Low power consumption is a unique feature of both arms: the hydraulic power required is 1.5kW max and as all joints are hydraulically locked in dormant mode there is no need for constant flow to maintain position.  Each arm can be mounted on either side of the ROV by virtue of a unique slew bracket which can be installed for starboard or port mounting. Intuitively controlled via a seven-axis joystick, a full range of positions can be achieved and the ability to regulate speed on the rate control system enables greater precision over movement. 


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