S-100 Support in CARIS S-57 Composer 3.0 - 19/03/2015

CARIS has released CARIS S-57 Composer 3.0, a desktop application for the production of electronic navigational products, including Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), Additional Military Layers (AML), Inland Electronic Navigational Charts (IENC) and Digital Nautical Charts (DNC). Users can use this version to experiment with creating S-100 features within an existing production environment, thus enabling them to do much more than simply convert data.

Users can gain familiarity with the new complex and multiplicity attribute types, work with information types, assign a S-100 portrayal to features and work with the expanding registry of S-100 product specifications.

Utilising the same workflows for creating S-57 and VPF products, users will be able to create sample S-100 datasets from scratch or convert existing S-57 and DNC data. The S-100 data can then be exported in formats like GML for immediate use in a range of geospatial applications. According to Cameron McLeay, Product Manager of S-57 Composer at CARIS, using S-57 Composer 3.0 enables users to reap the full benefits of the new, richer data models supporting the creation of a wide variety of S-100 products.

In addition to S-100 support, this release of S-57 Composer includes many functions for feature mapping, extended support for Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and other data formats and a series of system improvements.

Image: CARIS S-57 Composer 3.0 includes tools for S-100 products.


Last updated: 19/09/2020