Sabella Successfully Recovers D10 Tidal Turbine - 15/04/2019

During the night of 10-11 April 2019, in the Fromveur Passage, the D10-1000 turbine was successfully lifted from its gravity-based foundation. French company Sabella thus seized the opportunity of the nearby presence of Olympic Zeus and chose to retrieve its turbine for a short maintenance operation of approximately three months at the port of Brest.

Improving Efficiency

After the operating period of the tidal turbine following its redeployment in October 2018, and a continuous electricity production over several months at the end of last year, Sabella’s team focused on testing new control methods at the beginning of 2019 in order to significantly improve the efficiency of the turbine and contribute to the competitiveness of this emerging sector.

Operating Conditions

In parallel, a defect was detected in the nacelle’s cooling system. This defect did not prevent the operation of the turbine, but limited its operating conditions due to the possible rise in temperature of the components, which could cause greater damage to the electrical chain.

European Project

The D10 tidal turbine project is part of the European ICE project led by Bretagne Développement Innovation and its partners. The Fromveur Passage, sometimes called St. Vincent's Channel, is a strait that lies between the island of Ushant and Kéréon lighthouse on Men Tensel Rock, off the coast of the French province of Brittany. It forms part of the northern limit of the Iroise Sea.

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Last updated: 23/04/2019