Saderet Reports Strong Sales for Hemisphere GPS Vector Systems - 10/06/2005

Saderet Ltd, the European distributor for Hemisphere GPS, a division of CSI Wireless, reports strong sales of all versions of the Vector GPS compass system. Recent customers include Osiris Projects, Land and Marine, Global Marine Systems, EGS, Caledonian Geotech, Gardline Marine Sciences, GSE Rentals, Hiretech, ABP Hull, PD Teesport, Medway Ports and the Port of London.
The system is available in different forms to suit various applications. For example, two entrants in the Volvo round-the-world yacht race chose the VectorPro “all-in-the-antenna” version, whilst MTA, a contractor in the cellular telephone industry opted for 18 Vector Sensor systems for optimum accuracy when aligning antennas.
In addition to heading at up to 10Hz, the system also provides sub-meter DGPS position, and pitch, or roll, depending on the installation method chosen.

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