Safe Software Certifies FME Experts - 14/11/2007

Safe Software has granted official "FME Certified" accreditation to FME experts from around the world. These individuals are the first to be formally assessed and recognised as part of a new FME Certification Program that is designed to identify training and consulting professionals with deep FME expertise. More than 50 individuals in 17 countries have received designation as FME Certified Professional and/or FME Certified Trainer.


These experts can now reap the benefits that professional accreditation offers. Certified individuals represent a variety of training and consulting organizations, including: AED SICAD, Alaska Map Science, Beijing Antu, California CAD, Consortech, con terra, Dotted Eyes, ESRI, Front Point Consulting, GIS Innovations, GISTEC, INSER SA, Intergraph, Irish Mapping + GIS Solutions (IMGS), Lagen Spatial, Lantmäteriverket/Metria, LogicaCMG, Navigate, NENCA, Pixel Softek PVT., Red Geographics, SWECO, TYDAC and Veremes.


Last updated: 13/07/2020