Seabed AC-ROV Distributor - 10/07/2007

Ac-cess Co UK has appointed Seabed (Amsterdam, Holland) as a new distributor of the AC-ROV underwater inspection system for the Benelux countries. Seabed BV has a long history serving the local Dutch and international subsea market. Integrating their in-house manufactured acoustic, sensor and logging solutions with complimentary partner products, Seabed have built a solid reputation based on technical knowledge and reliable products and services.


Seabed Sales Manager, Mr Vincent van Santen views the AC-ROV as a powerful addition to Seabed's capabilities. He says the AC-ROV micro ROV unit is as tough as a brick, as mobile as a helicopter and fits into the most confined of spaces. He foresees great scope for the vehicle in a variety of inspection roles, not least the Dutch dredging, construction and waterway sectors. Seabed offers the AC-ROV in a sales, solution and rental capacity.



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