SeaTrac Systems Launches Open Solar-powered USV

SeaTrac Systems Launches Open Solar-powered USV

SeaTrac Systems has announced that the SP-48 is now commercially available. The SeaTrac SP-48 is a persistent Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV) designed for users who require a flexible data gathering and communications platform that adapts to a wide variety of operational scenarios and payloads. The solar-powered, 4.8-metre SP-48 offers greater power, payload capacity and performance over current systems for commercial, scientific and defence applications.

“Increasingly, customers’ missions are growing in complexity, requiring a range of sensors, and they’re looking for less costly, less resource-intensive and more flexible solutions to carry out a variety of tasks simultaneously in the challenging ocean environment,” said Buddy Duncan, co-founder of SeaTrac Systems. “SeaTrac’s customizable USVs offer a simple, cost-effective and open platform to perform the dangerous, dull and dirty work with greater efficiency over current methods.”

Oceanography, Hydrography and Acoustic Monitoring

The SeaTrac SP-48 is a low-logistic, sensor-agnostic persistent USV with Automatic Identification System (AIS) collision avoidance, a speed of 5kn, 500W payload power, and 70kg payload capacity that can host a variety of sensors perfect for the collection and communication of real-time ocean data over long durations. Built to operate in all marine environments – from inland, near shore to open ocean – the SP-48 has a self-righting hull and efficient electric motor that frees it from reliance on wind or waves for propulsion. It is easily deployed from a boat ramp, pier or ship. Communication is achieved by line-of-sight Radio Frequency (RF), cellular, high-bandwidth satellite or custom networks.

The SP-48 is designed for applications such as marine and aquatic research, oceanography and meteorological monitoring, environmental monitoring, hydrography, acoustic monitoring, data gateway and data harvesting, mobile buoy and positioning, security and situational awareness, among others.

“The new SP-48 is designed with ample power to allow customers to perform multiple mission tasks based on the desired industry-leading or custom payload package on a single platform – streamlining their operations and eliminating the need to support multiple systems,” said Jigger Herman, SeaTrac Systems co-founder. “As a result, customers will be able to obtain all of their data in real-time simultaneously on the same platform, simplifying their workflow while reducing staffing requirements.”