SeeByte Supporting Unmanned Surface Vehicle Operators - 21/02/2017

SeeByte, UK, and ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK (AEUK), have integrated SeeByte’s Neptune software onto AEUK’s ARCIMS unmanned surface vehicle (USV) mission system. ARCIMS is an unmanned surface vessel specifically designed for multi-role applications including mine countermeasures (MCM), anti-submarine warfare (ASW), hydrography and security. This agreement sees SeeByte and AEUK develop the next generation of advanced autonomy for ARCIMS: SeeByte’s software integrated onto the ARCIMS USV to offer adaptive autonomy.

This allows vehicles to react and adapt their missions according to feedback from their sensors. It also provides the capability to link ARCIMS with other autonomous platforms to work collaboratively on common goal-based missions.

ARCIMS hosts the AEUK autonomy engine specifically developed for towing mission systems and includes collision avoidance capabilities.

Neptune is an adaptive planning tool for optimising the execution of UxV operations. It supports high level goal based mission descriptions and allows the matching of mission requirements against vehicle(s) capabilities. Neptune also includes behaviours capable of adapting the mission based on changes in the environment, assets and mission objectives; benefits which will be useful for future unmanned operations.

Last updated: 27/02/2018