SHADOWS Mapping Sonar - 26/05/2008

The delivery of high quality, repeatable data is of paramount importance for the successful collation of any large dataset, particularly when the data is acquired in a number of successive campaigns (as with EEZ mapping, route surveys, debris surveys, pre-seismic surveys, environmental characterization surveys, etc). IXSEAs SHADOWS Mapping Sonar is an innovation in seafloor mapping, that may give the answer.


Aside a Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS technology), SHADOWS combines automatic generation in real-time of high-resolution mosaic in GeoTiff format; high-accuracy positioning (the mosaic is generated from the fish position); 600 m true swath (no blind zone at nadir); coverage = 1.65 sqNm per hour (4 sqkm per hour).


SHADOWS features are of interest to the survey industry and hydrographic offices. The Belgian Navy has selected an Integrated Survey System (ISS) based on SHADOWS and GRADIOMAGIS (IXSEA's new gradiometer) for their Route Survey Department. The acquisition and processing center has been integrated by IXSEA in a 20ft military container, which can be installed on vessels of opportunity in less than 24 hours.



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