Software for Submarine Cable Route Design and Data Management - 21/01/2014

Fugro Pelagos, USA, has introduced Cable Analyst II, a software solution for designing, engineering and managing submarine cable routes. Cable Analyst II is an extension to Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop and takes advantage of its rich geospatial functionalities. The solution streamlines the workflow for performing analysis and providing the information needed for designing a submarine cable route.

 Cable Analyst II is equipped with capabilities to efficiently populate, manage and track cable databases.

The ArcGIS platform opens the door to numerous possibilities for implementing design criteria such as creating custom models and scripts and assessing various layers to study risk, cost and environment. Satellite imagery, electronic nautical charts, web mapping services and marine data obtained from public and private sources are also readily accessible. 

Fugro Pelagos is offering Cable Analyst II in three tiers to allow customers to match functionality to their needs. Each successive tier includes the previous tier(s): Tier 1 provides wizards for importing and exporting Route Position Lists and Straight Line Diagrams; Tier 2 provides functionalities for creating, populating and managing cable databases; and Tier 3 provides essential analytical tools to help with the design and engineering of submarine cable routes.

Last updated: 27/02/2018