Stand-alone RTK GNSS Receiver - 26/09/2014

Seabed, The Netherlands, has released a new global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver, the SGR6. This system has a Novatel technical base. The SGR6 is a stand-alone metre-level to RTK centimetre-level positioning system, and provides numerous interfaces including RS232/RS422 serial ports, Ethernet access, with web interfacing. The SGR can also be adapted with a second antenna to provide heading and attitude.

The SGR6 is the most advanced GNSS receiver within Seabed’s product line, the fully featured SGR6 provides the flexibility to meet your unique positioning demands. It works with a multi-constellation and multi-frequency platform. With 240 channels and comprehensive tracking and positioning with all current and planned GNSS signals, the unprecedented user configurability of the OEM6 makes it an ideal solution for reference station, timing and a wide range of precision positioning applications.

The receiver can also be adapted with several Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) units for tightly-coupled inertial navigation. 

The Seabed SGR6 on

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