Students Fly Falcon for Environmental Studies - 11/01/2017

Students get hands-on experience operating a Saab Seaeye Falcon ROV in the Gulf of Maine on the eastern seaboard of the USA where they explore the undersea world and develop their environmental awareness. The project brings students, scientists, teachers and marine professionals together and is run by OceansWide, a non-profit organisation, and is an outreach programme that supports the outreach requirements of the National Science Foundation and other granting agencies.

Young people are encouraged to participate in real life scientific research and write reports on their findings. The activities are run both in class and on board OceansWide's research ship - from where the Falcon is deployed.

In addition to encouraging understanding through research, Buzz Scott, president of OceansWide, explains that the project aims to support industry and marine science by creating innovative programmes that use ROVs to inspire young people to expand their horizons and teach them about the world's oceans through first hand shipboard experience.

Buzz Scott says the Falcon allows them to dive deeper than any other small ROV and manoeuvres more efficiently, and has an overall better quality of video capture underwater. He finds the controlled power of its five thrusters better for precise manoeuvrability and holding steady in currents whilst filming, and the fibre system means HD quality video is coming up the tether to the support vessel.


Last updated: 27/02/2018