Submaran Underwater and Surface Vessel in Development - 17/06/2014

Ocean Aero from the USA is developing a Submaran Unmanned Underwater and Surface Vessel (UUSV). So far, four months of testing, modifications and more testing of the Submaran SP-1 prototype have been completed. The plan is to have surface demonstrators testing by the second quarter of 2015.

The initial “surface only” version was put to the test in various conditions and locations with different configurations.  The data gathered and the completed work product will be fed into the production prototype development, which is now underway and progressing nicely. 

Although the time path seems to be a long one, Ocean Aero is ready to discuss early application demonstrations with partners and potential end users. The goal is to begin to work on specific integration plans for missions and sensor systems and laying plans for beta testing, early demonstrations pilot projects and missions. The company is actively seeking initial applications and welcomes input and interest. 

Last updated: 27/02/2018