Teledyne Marine launches AUV service centre in Poland

Teledyne Marine launches AUV service centre in Poland

Teledyne Marine announces the inauguration of a service centre for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in Poland. Established in collaboration with Enamor, this venture underscores its ambition to deliver exceptional support and services to customers in Poland and mainland Europe.

Enamor, headquartered in Gdynia, Poland, is a distinguished research and production company focusing on high-end technology projects in navigation, communication, hydrography and automation. Its partnership with Teledyne Gavia has thrived for over a decade, stemming from the initial delivery of Gavia AUVs to Polish Navy EOD divers in 2012, followed by subsequent Gavia deliveries for the Kormoran class MCMVs.

In the first half of 2023, Enamor’s engineers and technicians underwent rigorous training at Teledyne Gavia to conduct AUV maintenance routines in Poland. Consequently, Enamor has officially been appointed a regional service centre for AUVs in Europe, and is well-positioned to provide quality service and support.

Tailoring AUVs for a range of tasks

This milestone illustrates Teledyne’s commitment to ensuring the operational readiness and efficiency of AUVs in Europe. Teledyne Gavia’s AUVs, renowned for their low-logistics modular design, can be swiftly transported and maintained, significantly enhancing operational availability and reliability. This adaptability enables AUVs to be configured for diverse missions, including mine countermeasures (MCM), search & salvage, hydrographic survey and crucial underwater infrastructure inspections.

Maciej Rek, CEO of Enamor, stated: “Teledyne Gavia and Enamor have a strong and successful working relationship that spans over a decade. With Teledyne Gavia’s continued support and innovation, as well as Enamor’s commitment to quality service and support provided to the Polish MOD, the Polish MOD will be using Gavia AUVs for years to come.”

“We are excited about this continued collaboration with Enamor and look forward to providing excellent service and support to AUV operators in Europe,” said Stefan Reynisson, vice president and general manager of Teledyne Gavia. “The opening of this service centre is a significant milestone in our efforts to meet the diverse needs of our customers and further strengthen our presence in the region.”

A new AUV service centre by Teledyne Marine is now operational in Gdynia, Poland.
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