Teledyne PDS Introduces Online Sidescan Sonar Backscatter Mosaicking - 13/04/2018

Teledyne PDS has released a number of new features for online sidescan sonar backscatter mosaicking. A new option ensures that the PDS offering remains at the forefront of sonar processing software. In relation to this new update, a number of new features are available.

Firstly, whilst in mosaicking work flow, an additional Backscatter Logging tab has been added to the online Sonar Side Scan Waterfall and Snippets display to activate and manage the online backscatter gridmodel logging and mosaicking. An online Side Scan Sonar GapFill view with a GapFill Operations tab has also been added to the platform. This will enable the user to set GapFill parameters in a similar format to the offline version.

Normalised Side Scan data

Also included in this update is Normalised Side Scan data. This is accompanied by changes to the Planview display which now has a layer to show port and starboard swath coverage and sailing direction for ease-of-use. In addition, users can now drape an online backscatter grid model on an online grid model. This function enables for quicker processing and easier management as users no longer need to leave grid model modes to perform this task. The following data items have been added to the backscatter grid model: Min-, Max-, First- and Last Backscatter. These new items give exiting possibilities to tune the mosaicking model to your own needs.

Another update to note is that a Layers Control Pane has been added that can be used where possible and applicable, which also enables an easier and smoother operating experience.

Last updated: 22/09/2020