Teledyne RESON from Mid-ocean to Full-ocean Depth - 08/08/2016

Back in 2014 Teledyne RESON acquired the business from ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC GmbH. Since then Teledyne RESON has integrated the acquired ATLAS Hydrographic business and its multibeam echosounders into the Teledyne RESON business and our suite of deepwater echosounders. The brands, HydroSweep and ParaSound are now being developed, manufactured and serviced out of the Teledyne RESON business entities. The products are marketed and sold under the Teledyne RESON brand name.

Teledyne RESON’s high-performance deep-water hydrographic survey offerings are available in a number of different configurations ranging from mid-ocean depth to full-ocean depth performance. The industry brands are:

  • HydroSweep Multibeam Echosounders: Key features include multi-ping capabilities and sub-bottom profiler functionality built into the system as well as optional ice protection of the transducers for the growing market for survey vessels going to the artic regions.
  • SeaBat Multibeam Echosounders: High-resolution multibeam echosounders ranging from easily installed portable or hull mounts, to the flexibility of modular systems design allows customers to tailor the system configuration to their resolution requirements and budget. Key features include variable swath coverage, beam uncertainty measurement, water column data
  • ParaSound Parametric Sub-bottom Profiler systems. The ParaSound is a hull-mounted parametric sub-bottom profiler, offering rapid high resolution sub-bottom as single profile, or in multi-beam mode at an operational cost-efficiency that only a hull-mounted system can provide. It is able to penetrate the seabed more than 200 metres in water depths as deep as 11,000m.
Last updated: 25/10/2020