Teledyne Webb Research Releases Slocum G3 Glider - 18/04/2017

Teledyne Webb Research unveiled its new Slocum G3 glider at Ocean Business 2017 during a week-long celebration of the new vehicle. The glider made its debut in the Teledyne Marine Vehicles booth on the opening day of Ocean Business to a steady stream of attendees. The Slocum G3 glider design incorporates features to enhance performance and robustness of the vehicle, as well as to reduce operational costs.

Some of the enhancements include high displacement buoyancy pumps, a 10-watt thruster, optional Linux processor, increased external ballast capabilities, rechargeable batteries, and increased payload capability.

User Input and Experience

A private introduction and networking event for the Slocum G3 glider was held the following evening at the Cargo hotel on Oxford Street. Over sixty customers, agents, and vendors attended the event. On Thursday, Chris DeCollibus, product line manager for the Slocum glider, formally introduced the new Slocum G3 glider to a packed classroom at Ocean Business.

Chris DeCollibus said the new design is a culmination of customer input and knowledge gained from building over 600 gliders. The G3 glider is according to him the next step in Teledyne Webb’s  mission to create the most reliable, versatile, and cost effective glider on the market.

Last updated: 25/04/2017