Transition to Renewables Offers New Opportunities for N-Sea - 18/10/2016

The hydrographic industry is experiencing the effects of the ‘Energiewende’, the transition from fossil fuels to renewables, and N-Sea sees the impact of renewables on its activities. At the peak of this season, around three out of four of N-Sea’s offshore support vessels were working in the renewable energy segments of the market. These operations involved surveying and clearing HV cable corridors of objects, rendering support to maritime construction companies and providing services to existing utilities infrastructure, resting on or below the seabed. Renewables are good for the environment as well as for business, and they are here to stay.

In N-Sea’s operations, it is clear to see how the renewables industry could benefit from how oil and gas companies operate their infrastructure at sea. However, the company is also aware of the extreme pressure experienced by renewable companies, to deliver megawatts of electricity at market competitive costs without relying on future subsidies, to create a resourceful industry and to continually drive down costs.

Subsea IMR

N-Sea issued a statement saying that judging by the sheer volume of work N-Sea has executed in the past two years, the company’s mission to be the most cost effective subsea IMR company in the market by applying a safe, sound and swift approach to all they undertake, has worked. The company’s inspection and subsea surveys help customers understand the risks of maintaining or installing seabed infrastructure, and they remediate problems related to these operations with their teams, assets and knowledge.

In the meantime, N-Sea aims to strengthen its organisation in the area of supply chain management. Two years of sustained low oil and gas prices have brought new challenges to adjust to a new reality, but have also allowed the company to capture many opportunities for restructuring the cost base of their service offering. N-Sea have worked with suppliers to remain competitive, yet have not cut corners on quality of delivery.

Offshore Energy

N-Sea will also be attending Offshore Energy in Amsterdam, on 25-26 October. Alongside N-Seatec, they will be showcasing their subsea tools as well as survey and IMR services and look forward to meeting with new and existing clients. The event is one of the fastest growing gatherings of offshore industry professionals and is an excellent platform for N-Sea to network and develop new business opportunities.

Last updated: 22/09/2020