Tritech Sensor Selected for Student AUV - 02/03/2015

Tritech’s Micron sonar has been selected for the latest academic autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). The acoustic design team at McGill Robotics, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, chose to incorporate a mechanical scanning sonar into their new-build AUV. The team now plan to integrate the Micron sonar into their software system in order to assist close-range positioning and detect objects in low-visibility environments. The team have also updated their AUV with new thrusters and are carrying out modifications to the frame and the pressure vessels.

The Tritech Micron sonar is part of Tritech’s SeaKing range of mechanical imaging sonars. The Tritech Micron sonar, with a 75m range capacity, offers clarity and resolution in miniature form, making it ideal for use by AUVs.

McGill Robotics hosts annual competitions where multidisciplinary teams of aspiring undergraduate students compete in various robotic challenges. McGill Robotics is split into 3 design teams. The AUV design team, a team of 72, competed in competitions such as the 2014 AUVSI RoboSub, and were successful in an award in recognition of their product brand and overall professionalism.

Image: McGill Robotics AUV. Image courtesy: McGill Robotics.

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