TSMAD Technical Sub Working Group Meeting in Germany - 22/05/2014

Earlier this year, SevenCs hosted the IHO/Transfer Standard Maintenance and Applications Development (TSMAD) technical sub working group at its office in Hamburg, Germany. Two key aspects that were discussed during the meeting have seen successful further development with fruitful results for a new portrayal concept and the GML (Geographic Marking Language) interoperability. S-100 is based on ISO standards, and GML encapsulation is one of those standards.

The upcoming new standard for digital hydrographic information, including navigational charts, is under the umbrella of the IHO and various working groups are actively preparing the official plenary voting during the next meeting at the International Hydrographic Conference in Monaco (6 to 10 October 2014). The IHO relies very much on the positive groundwork of the S-100 standard working groups who continuously participate in the standard development of S-100 and all related products. The groups include representatives from public organisations as well as delegates from the maritime industry. SevenCs is recognised as one of the pioneers of digital charting and has always been a valued and active member of the various IHO working groups for ENC standard definition. The company history is closely linked to the history of the development of S-57 and the first standard format versions have been created by the founders of SevenCs during their engagement with the Hamburg University (Seefahrtsschule ISSUS) together with the German BSH.

S-100 is a universal data model and the basis for hydrographic information, including all digital navigational products such as ENCs. Last but not least, the format is a fundamental precondition for the consequent implementation of e-navigation.

Last updated: 28/08/2020