Two New INS Solutions Launched

Two New INS Solutions Launched

Two separate Inertial Navigation Systems are arrived at CDL during at this year’s Ocean Business event in Southampton, UK. The MiniPOS3 and MiniSense2 offer INS solutions to suit either end of the cost - performance spectrum.


CDL’s most advanced system ever, the MiniPOS3, is a full Inertial Navigation System (INS) providing highly accurate heading, pitch and roll alongside multiple aiding options including USBL, LBL, DVL and GPS to provide a positioning solution that eliminates almost all of the inherent noise and availability issues of traditional positioning systems. Developed from the successful MiniPOS2 system the addition of USBL/LBL aiding provides a system that is capable of providing high accuracy aided positioning for most subsea construction, inspection and survey related tasks for ROV and AUV.


MiniPOS3 is also hardware independent and can work with any USBL or LBL system and a variety of topside software packages.


For users looking for the most affordable INS solution in the market today, the MiniSense2 should fit the bill. It is a second-generation MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical System)-based motion sensor. Building on the success of the original MiniSense product, the MiniSense2 uses the latest high accuracy 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) MEMS technology to deliver high accuracy pitch, roll and heave measurements in the smallest of devices.


The MiniSense2 is also capable of full INS (Inertial Navigation System) performance with aiding accepted from a variety of inputs such as USBL, LBL, DVL, GPS and depth. An in-built magnetic heading sensor provides < 1 deg heading accuracy while the 6 DoF sensor automatically aids the heading output in the presence of ferrous metals to provide exceptional heading performance and maintain accuracy in areas where many fluxgate compasses struggle.


With OEM and 0.01% accuracy depth options available the MiniSense2 is as versatile and flexible as any motion sensor currently on the market, with performance to match.


Commenting at the launch, Kevin McBarron, MD at CDL, said: “Both of these products are testament to both our continued commitment to research and development and our willingness to communicate with our clients to deliver the solutions they need at affordable prices.”


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