UKHO at NorShipping - 09/06/2009

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) is at NorShipping 2009 and announces a solution to make every stage of voyage planning and fleet management smarter, simpler and safer. Admiralty e-Navigator will put maritime information from charts to tides and weather at the fingertips of shore-based managers and mariners cutting the complexities of voyage planning, optimising sailing and port turnaround times and delivering real operational efficiencies.



UKHO will also use NorShipping to launch an exclusive and essential industry-insider guide to help ship owners and managers ensure they are fully compliant ahead of ECDIS Mandation from 2012.


UKHO will also be promoting its Admiralty Chart Vector Service (AVCS). The service contains more than 9,500 ENCs covering the major trade lanes between 1,740 of the world's biggest and busiest ports and over 1,000 ENCs more than any other ENC service in the market.


The rapid increases in coverage reflect the work done by UKHO to respond to the changing patterns in world trade prompted by emerging markets and the global economy and equip the industry with worldwide official electronic charts ahead of the start of ECDIS Mandation from 2012.


UKHO is a principal sponsor of the MEC Conference which runs alongside the exhibition and takes place on June 10.  AVCS Product Manager Jason Scholey will speak at the conference on 'The Future of Navigation', outlining UKHO's work towards the adoption of ECDIS, the practical application of ENCs and the opportunities offered by eNavigation.



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