USACE Delivery S/V Moritz - 23/10/2003

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recently welcomed the delivery of the S/V Moritz to their New York District. The all aluminium, 58’ foil-supported survey catamaran designed and constructed by Kvichak Marine Industries, will conduct hydrographic surveys in connection with operation, maintenance and new construction in and around New York Harbour. This is the second survey catamaran Kvichak has delivered to the USACE in 2003. The USACE Marine Design Center was instrumental in all design and construction phases of the Moritz, as for its predecessor, the S/V Irvington that operates in the Mobile District. Two hundred per cent survey coverage in one pass is accomplished by mounting dual Reson SeaBat 8101 multibeam transducers under each catamaran demihull in faired housings. In addition to RESON survey gear, the Moritz incorporates a Ross Sweep Arm System. Sixteen feet sweep arms are stowed in hull pockets and once deployed provide a sweep width of approximately 48 feet.

Last updated: 27/11/2020