Valeport Presents Latest Sensor and Software Updates - 27/03/2018

Valeport, a leader in oceanographic, hydrographic and hydrometric instrumentation, used Oceanology International in London to launch a number of developments across its range including new probes, visualisation software and a portable tide station. Launched at Oi18, the new unique probe, SWiFTplus, combines the power of the SWiFT SVP and a turbidity sensor. SWiFTplus uses Valeport’s world-leading high-accuracy sensor technology and incorporates turbidity observations with sound speed, temperature and pressure sensor technology coupled with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries.

Using the new Valeport Connect app, data can be quickly downloaded and reviewed wirelessly via Bluetooth, and instantly shared in industry-standard formats through email and cloud services. Valeport’s latest software, Valeport Connect, will support automatic connection with SWiFTplus and rapidPRO Bluetooth-enabled products and offer download capability with data translation, enabling both current and historic data to be visualised.


The company’s TideStation (Portable) offers a choice of either UHF or GPRS telemetry, with connection to pressure or radar sensors along with interface to other meteorological systems. Specifically designed as a low-cost turn-key solution, TideStation is suited to a broad range of sectors including port and harbour operations, surveying, dredging and many other applications.

In addition, Valeport is seeking feedback on its new concept, EnviroLOG, a field logging device that provides command and control of sensors, data display, data logging and battery power in a small robust package.

Prior to release, Valeport is showing a number of key revisions to its new probe series that allows data profiling whilst a vessel is underway. Valeport is introducing rapidPro SV and rapidPro CTD – the latest evolutions of these popular profilers – which include a rechargeable battery, GPS and dual Bluetooth to provide enhanced communications. 

Last updated: 05/03/2020