Water Column Profilers for VENUS

Water Column Profilers for VENUS

ASL Environmental Sciences is providing an initial package of four Water Column Profiler instruments for application on the VENUS observatory project, off the West Coast of Canada.
VENUS (Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea) is an ambitious project headed by the University of Victoria, BC Canada to provide three underwater cables (total length 70km) supplying power and fibre-optic communications to a number of instruments measuring a wide range of marine data. The first phase of this project into Saanich Inlet is scheduled for installation in 2004.
ASL Water Column Profilers will be used to provide continuous monitoring, in
real-time, of acoustic backscatter returns from the water column, which are related to zooplankton abundance. VENUS scientists will use the ASL Water Column Profilers to develop improved understanding of this underwater acoustic technique to monitor zooplankton abundance and vertical migration in the ocean.