All-in-one Multibeam Echosounder

The MS400U is a compact Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) specially designed for USVs or other unmanned platforms. It has a built-in sound velocity sensor and IMU & GNSS, which are the same modules as the SurfMaster. Hydro-Tech optionally offers the MS400U in a round or square shape to match the USVs moonpool design. Its titanium housing is anti-corrosion and is available to work at 50m depth.

Main Features

  • Titanium Housing:Waterproof and Anti-Corrosion
  • High performance:Beam Width 1° x 2° | Number of Beams 512 | Resolution 0.75cm | IHO Standard
  • Small Size:φ220mm × 181mm or 205mm × 205mm x 181mm 
  • Light Weight:Total system is at weight of around 10kg (Transducers 7.5kg / Deck Unit 2.5kg) 
  • Integration:Built in sound velocity sensor and good performance INS modules same as POSMV SurfMasterthe to get high precision result
  • Suitable for USV/ROV/AUV installation and applications of underwater terrain survey, underwater 3D survey & bridge pier scouring inspection

To improve the system integrating performance, MS400U has built-in many auxiliary survey sensors, including sound velocity sensor, IMU and GNSS etc. User does not need to pay more cost to purchase these devices in extra. Furthermore, this way also avoids installation error and enhance surveying accuracy. We are proud to say that we have genuinely achieved the goal of all in one!

In addition, we have developed round, and square ID designs based on traditional MBES ID in T-type so that our MS400U can better fit diversified types of USV. MS400U Square version is suitable for the compact USV, which arranges each part in square order. While the MS400U Round version better fit the small USV, which internal cabin is not enough. Then it can utilise the ADCP moon pool, dismantle the ADCP and install MS400U instead to collect the bathymetric data.