EvoLogics debuts the new Diver Navigation system

The innovative system facilitates map-based navigation for divers on a mission, offering the flexibility of seamless two-way communication between divers and the dive supervision team, as well as pre-mission and real-time waypoint setup.

Much like texting on a smartphone, the system allows a team of divers to exchange short messages with each other and the surface, while also providing real-time tracking of each other’s positions. Map waypoints can be added before or even during the mission to coordinate operations, and mark discovered objects or infrastructure for further investigation.

With the new system, EvoLogics aims to streamline complex underwater tasks such as search and rescue, salvage operations, recovery efforts, and cleanup operations. The Diver Navigation system enhances coordination, improves task management, and promotes efficient information sharing, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of diver operations.

System components

The battery-powered diver tracker unit is compatible with all EvoLogics 18/34 modems and systems. It comes with mounts to attach it either on the diver’s scuba tank or to most of the common underwater scooters. The molded unibody design of the tracker ensures broad compatibility with various diving equipment and facilitates straightforward installation.

The diver console is a compact wrist tablet that connects to the tracker modem by cable. It provides the diver access to the SiNAPS user interface - EvoLogics positioning software visualizing the map of the current operations area, the positions of all divers and the support vessel, and running the text chat tool.

At the surface, the USBL buoy acts as the acoustic node for operations. This device, a mono-unit with a USBL antenna, an integrated PC running SiNAPS positioning software, a dual-antenna GNSS receiver, and a WiFi access point, is designed for mobile scenarios. The Buoy ensures rapid setup and fully supports bidirectional diver tracking and message exchange.

The USBL buoy calculates diver positions using acoustic signals and displays them in the SiNAPS interface for the support team. This capability allows the surface team to monitor diver positions, communicate messages, and adjust mission waypoints as needed. Bidirectional acoustic links ensure that all mission divers have access to tracker positions.

Following extensive testing throughout 2023, EvoLogics unveiled the system at Oceanology International 2024 and is pleased to present a product video showcasing the diver navigation in action.


Filmed by Submaris, Philipp Mall and EvoLogics, edited by EUNOIA VISIONS