Offshore Supply Guidelines

IMCA has since 1990 played a significant role in the offshore oil and gas industry by providing guidelines on the safe use and operation of Dynamic Positioning (DP) for offshore construction vessels and mobile units. Its Guidelines for the Design and Operation of Dynamically Positioned Vessels (IMCA M 103) has received global acknowledgement as a vital aid to safety in this key and ever expanding section of the industry. An increasing number of supply and anchor handling vessels have benefited from the provision of DP in recent years. With this in mind, IMCA is inviting all interested organisations to join... (read more)
2004-11-03 12:00:00

Geochemical Campaign offshore Honduras

Fugro has been awarded a contract by BG International Limited Sucursal Honduras to conduct an integrated multibeam echosounder (MBES) survey and seabed coring campaign over its offshore acreage (block) in the Honduran Caribbean. As part of BG’s exploration licence commitments, the campaign will map the seafloor to interpret, identify, sample and analyse potential hydrocarbon seeps. Fugro’s 65-metre survey vessel, MV Fugro Brasilis, commenced the two-month mapping and interpretation portion in July 2015. The MBES and seabed coring programme will cover an area of the Patuca Basin in excess of 10,000 km2 in the northern part of the block. Features of... (read more)
2015-08-03 12:16:55

E.ON's Offshore Developments Backed

Detailed marine mapping from SeaZone is helping E.ON plan and deliver offshore wind farm projects across the UK. Using the digital marine map HydroSpatial, E.ON has undertaken an assessment of UK coastal areas to assess the potential for offshore wind farm developments in the UK and to get a better understanding of the most suitable locations. The UK government is aiming to generate enough energy from wind to power 15 million homes by 2020.   E.ON is one of the UK's leading developer, owner and operator of wind farms in the UK with 21 operational sites located from Cornwall to... (read more)
2009-07-22 04:23:32

Offshore Area Technical Manager

IXSEA has appointed Andy Wallis as Area Technical Manager, based in Aberdeen (UK), for IXSEA's Offshore Division. Wallis, an electronic engineer, has more than 25 years experience in the offshore market and worked as both a survey and systems engineer.   Most recently, he was Technical Operations Manager for DPS Ltd. where he had responsibility for workshop operations and was in charge of offshore and onshore technicians and warehouse staff.     (read more)
2008-06-26 11:37:51

Offshore DP System

Agreements were signed this week between SeeByte and Equipment & Technical Services (ETS), making SeeByte's SeeTrack ROV Dynamic Positioning (DP) System available to ETS customers in the Americas on a rental basis. Following integration with the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) control system, either by retrofit or during ROV manufacture, SeeTrack automates the control process to provide full ROV DP.   It can be rented separately or together with ancillary sensors which are also offered by ETS. SeeTrack Offshore provides significant improvements over conventional DP systems, including: greater efficiency in manoeuvring, while ignoring the effects of currents; reduced risk of hitting... (read more)
2008-11-24 12:28:12

Offshore Energy: Registration Opens

The registration for Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2017 (OEEC 2017) is open. The tenth edition of this event, taking place from 9-11 October 2017 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is expected to attract over 12,000 offshore professionals and more than 650 exhibiting companies. Offshore Energy is an annual event focused on the complete offshore energy industry. It covers both the exploration and production of the conventional energy resources oil & gas as well as the expanding renewable part of the energy mix such as offshore wind and marine renewable energy. Next to the exhibition that covers an area of around... (read more)
2017-05-29 09:48:01

Tasks in Offshore Energy

Energy experts have been predicting an end to carbon-based energy for years now. Although it is probably possible to drain our energy out of oil and gas fields for decades to come, the world has to think about new ways to keep our cars running, our refrigerators cooling and our plants producing. The predictions by experts, together with warming of the earth, at least partly to be blamed on carbon dioxide emissions, have also lead to more and more environmental awareness. Plans for offshore wind farms are being made everywhere; quite a few have already been built. Europe is leading... (read more)
2012-10-01 04:41:28

Offshore Environmental Surveys

Introduction to UK Legislation and Guidelines
This is a brief introduction to UK offshore marine environmental survey legislation and guidelines, written from a fairly narrow perspective: that of a contractor providing such survey services to the oil & gas industry. Legislation requires environmental surveys of the North Sea but the extent and definition of these is open to interpretation, with quite a variety of standards and guidelines to choose from or ignore. Legal FrameworkUK environmental legislation transposes European Community (EC) directives on the environment. The prime EC directives are Council Directive 92/43 ‘on the Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora’ (‘the Habitats... (read more)
2007-05-09 12:00:00

Offshore Survey 2007 Presentations

In conjunction with Ocean Business 2007, the conference Offshore Survey 2007 is organised. Adam Kerr followed the lectures and reports about them. After the coffee break, the programme turned to a presentation by Ian Florence of SIMRAD who discussed the value of having Dynamic Positioning associated with ROVs. He noted that there were now a total of 435 work class ROV systems worldwide, some of which had DP retrofitted. He gave his opinions on the value of DPs in terms of making the pilot’s task less arduous and the entire operation more efficient. The outstanding question is whether the addition... (read more)
2007-03-28 12:13:03

Technical Sales Manager Offshore

Due to IXSEA's growth in the offshore market, the company has appointed Edward Cheesman as Technical Sales Manager based in the Aberdeen office. He strengthens the UK team by supporting its offshore oil and gas business.   Edward Cheesman will manage key customer accounts; provide technical sales advice and logistics support to customers.   Previously at Weatherford International, he was involved in project managing subsea completions to wells using fiber optic gauges.       (read more)
2007-09-24 01:38:07
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