This Is How a Project With Deepest and Longest Moorings to Date Is Done

Metocean Services International nears completion of project with deepest and longest moorings to date. Since the company was founded in 2003, MSI has conducted hundreds of mooring deployments in 55 countries worldwide. In late 2018 Total contracted them to mobilise what would be their longest moorings for deployment in the deepest water so far (3,150m) at locations just north of the border between South Africa and Namibia. Meteorology, Waves and Current Profiles The moorings comprise a surface buoy to measure meteorology, waves and current profiles as well as an I-type mooring to measure full water column current profiles and water quality.... (read more)
2019-11-13 11:25:21

'Caribbean Faces Numerous Threats To Its Natural Resources'

TCarta Marine, a global provider of geospatial products and services, has opened an office in Kingston, Jamaica, led by Carol Fisher. Officially operating as a separate Jamaican company, TCarta Caribe offers the complete line of TCarta satellite-derived bathymetry, seafloor classification, land use/land cover, and air quality solutions to Jamaica and the entire Caribbean region. “Jamaica and many nearby Caribbean islands are developing nations seeking to balance economic growth with environmental preservation,” said TCarta President Kyle Goodrich. “The Caribbean faces numerous threats to its natural resources from hurricanes, rising sea levels, and pollution, but budgets are limited,” he added. Senior Hydrographer Carol... (read more)
2019-11-13 10:37:03

Joint Guidelines to Improve Safety in Polar Waters Published

Maritime trade between Arctic destinations and the rest of the world is expected to expand. An increasing number of ships are now undertaking voyages in polar waters. Technical developments in ship design and equipment continue to facilitate more and more ship operations in remote polar areas, despite challenging and unpredictable sea and weather conditions. The International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code), adopted by the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO), requires shipping companies intending to operate in polar waters to develop a Polar Water Operational Manual (PWOM) in order for their ships to be issued with a... (read more)
2019-11-10 11:02:42

This is How The Great Bubble Barrier Removes Plastics from the Amsterdam Canals

Last week, the Ocean Cleanup launched the Interceptor and we described how Mr Trash Wheel is cleaning rivers. This week, a new initiative was launched in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is called The Great Bubble Barrier, a bubble screen that removes plastic from the water of the Amsterdam canals and prevents canal plastic from flowing into the North Sea. This makes the city of Amsterdam a global pioneer in the fight against plastic pollution. The Bubble Barrier was installed by The Great Bubble Barrier in the Westerdok in the Westelijk Havengebied and commissioned by the Regional Water Authority Amstel, Gooi and Vecht and... (read more)
2019-11-08 09:47:18

How Mr Trash Wheel Intercepts Plastic Before it Reaches the Ocean

Video Included
Last week, we published a news item on the Interceptor, a new Ocean Cleanup project. This week, we are zooming in on Mr Trash Wheel, a semi-autonomous trash interceptor that is placed at the end of a river, stream or other outfall. Far too lazy to chase trash around the ocean, Mr Trash Wheel stays put and waits for the waste to flow to him, according to a description of the team behind the system. Sustainably powered and built to withstand the biggest storms, Mr Trash Wheel uses a blend of solar and hydropower to pull hundreds of tons of... (read more)
2019-11-04 11:05:03

How to Carry Out an Asset Inspection Survey

Bibby HydroMap, a UK-based company, has successfully completed an asset inspection survey of several bridges and the Weaver Sailing Club along the River Weaver in Cheshire (UK). This was an opportunity to demonstrate its marine 3D imaging capabilities in a highly dynamic and fast-flowing environment. The River Weaver is a marine connection between a number of businesses along the river and the Manchester Ship Canal and, ultimately, the Irish Sea, the integrity of which is paramount to their commercial operations. Locate Any Obstructions to Navigation The aim of the survey was to assess the condition of the bridges which span the... (read more)
2019-11-03 01:52:53

Regional Sales Manager

Xylem |ˈzīləm| 1) The tissue in plants that brings water upward from the roots;2) a leading global water technology company. We’re a global team unified in a common purpose: creating advanced technology solutions to the world’s water challenges. Developing new technologies that will improve the way water is used, conserved, and re-used in the future is central to our work. Our products and services move, treat, analyze, monitor and return water to the environment, in public utility, industrial, residential and commercial building services settings. Xylem also provides a leading portfolio of smart metering, network technologies and advanced analytics solutions for water, electric and gas... (read more)
2019-10-30 02:32:23

What is the Impact of Submarine Volcanoes on Biological Activity at the Ocean Surface?

An international team of 29 researchers will plough through Pacific waters between Nouméa and the Tonga volcanic arc from 1 November to 5 December 2019 aboard l'Atalante, an oceanographic research vessel. The aim of this campaign, dubbed the TONGA Project, is to study the effects that shallow submarine volcanoes have on marine life. Coordinated by two women researchers from the Oceanographic Laboratory of the Institut de la Mer de Villefranche (CNRS / Sorbonne University) and the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (CNRS / IRD / Aix-Marseille University / University of Toulon), the TONGA Project brings together nearly a hundred scientists from... (read more)
2019-10-29 01:46:00

‘Hydrography is Both a Science and a Technique’

7 Questions to the New Director General of the French Hydrographic Office
Chief weapons engineer Laurent Kerléguer was appointed director general of Shom, the French hydrographic office, in July 2019. In this interview, Hydro International asks him about the latest developments regarding the world of hydrography, climate change and artificial intelligence. “It’s becoming more urgent than ever to measure the ocean.” Chief weapons engineer Laurent Kerléguer was appointed director-general of Shom, the French hydrographic office, in July 2019. In this interview, Hydro International asks him about the latest developments regarding the world of hydrography, climate change and artificial intelligence. “It’s becoming more urgent than ever to measure the ocean.” Laurent Kerléguer was born in Brest, France, and has always lived by – or close to – the sea. Although he never had a ‘dream job’ as a child, he always had the feeling that his career would be linked to the sea. “For me as an engineer, hydrography is the perfect... (read more)
2019-10-29 11:34:23

TerraSond Completes First Geophysical Survey for Mayflower Wind

TerraSond, an Acteon company, has completed a high-resolution geophysical survey for Mayflower Wind, a joint venture between Shell New Energies US LLC and EDPR Offshore North America LLC. The two-month campaign, which began in July 2019, surveyed an area, 20 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA, that can support up to 1,600 MW of offshore wind. The wind farm is scheduled to deliver energy in the mid-2020s and has the potential to power up to 680,000 homes. The project is TerraSond’s first with Mayflower Wind. High-resolution Geophysical Data TerraSond acquired high-resolution geophysical data using a complete suite of equipment in... (read more)
2019-10-29 09:17:18
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