CLS Acquires Woods Hole Group

French satellite-services specialist CLS - subsidiary of the French Space Agency (CNES), ARDIAN (an independent investment company) and IFREMER (the French research institute for exploitation of the sea) - has acquired the Woods Hole Group, an American company specialised in sustainable and resilient solutions for coastal sciences and engineering, applied ecology, oceanography and measurement systems. By acquiring Woods Hole Group, CLS, specialised in environmental monitoring, can offer solutions including field equipment and services, data analysis, modelling, environmental assessment and related expertise to its customers. Christophe Vassal, CEO of CLS, states to have great expectations regarding the success of the future services... (read more)
2017-02-10 10:26:10

BMT Joins Forces with Met Office and Oceanweather

BMT ARGOSS, UK, has announced a joint initiative with the Met Office, the UK’s national weather service, and Oceanweather Inc, to help support oil and gas majors with offshore engineering design and operational planning in the mid-Atlantic region. The main deliverable of this project, entitled the Mid-Atlantic Current Hindcast (MACH), is a 20-year high-quality ocean current reanalysis for the mid-Atlantic region, with nested high-resolution grids covering principal oil and gas concession areas. Robin Stephens, Metocean Group Manager at BMT ARGOSS, explained that in recent years, ocean modelling technology has significantly advanced - hence the importance and timeliness of conducting a... (read more)
2014-03-17 02:26:34

Improved Marine and Weather Forecast

NOAA, USA, is now using enhanced weather and marine forecast models for the Great Lakes that will extend forecasts from 36 hours to 60 hours into the future to better serve commercial and recreational mariners, the shipping industry, emergency responders, water resource managers and the private weather industry. The Great Lakes Operational Forecast System (GLOFS) of NOAA's National Ocean Service, which predict currents, water level and water temperature, is now running on NOAA's National Weather Service's powerful and reliable super computers. The super computers run around the clock, offering a more reliable computing framework to generate Great Lakes forecast models... (read more)
2011-01-05 10:40:00

Australian Lidar Bathymetry Survey for Fugro

Fugro has been awarded the contract to conduct an Airborne Lidar Bathymetry (ALB) survey of the Queensland Sunshine Coast (Australia) to be conducted during October and November 2011. The main reason of the survey is to develop a high resolution digital elevation model and other derived products in order to help manage this environmentally and economically important coastal region. The contract has been awarded by Australia's Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information. It will provide data to stakeholder partners including Queensland Government's Department of Environment and Resources Management (DERM), Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE), Commonwealth Scientific and... (read more)
2011-10-28 02:26:40

Innovations Helping Marine Renewables Achieve Cost Reductions

Cost reduction is the constant aim of the marine renewable energy industry, and this year’s ‘Marine Renewables’ conference session on Tuesday 15 March, the opening day of Oceanology International 2016 (OI 2016), will be exploring some of the steps being taken to achieve this all-important goal. Industry professionals share how recent innovations in modelling, surveying and foundation design are helping the industry achieve real cost reductions, according the co-chairs of the day-long session, Nick Murphy, head of Operations, SeaRoc and Tony Hodgson, global business development manager – renewable energy, Fugro. Day’s Outline The day will start by exploring some of... (read more)
2016-02-08 11:48:24

Worldwaves Twenty Years and Hundred Countries

Fugro OCEANOR's WorldWaves has recently recorded a milestone with data for the hundredth country safely delivered. The WorldWaves database and associated software packages have roots that can be traced back twenty years this past summer. The WorldWaves story began on 31 July 1989 when a report was released entitled 'Wave Model Data' for Le Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) in France as part of a project together with Marintek 'Study of the Seastate for the Needs of the Hermes Spaceplane' and was possibly the first time satellite altimeter data had been used to validate and calibrate data from a wave... (read more)
2009-10-08 10:00:54

PSDM Brings Understanding in Central North Sea

Although the Central North Sea (CNS) is a mature basin, it is still rich in opportunities for the development and discovery of new fields as the area is notoriously challenging for seismic imaging, especially in the deep high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) part of the Central Graben. However, CGG’s Cornerstone dataset benefits from a portfolio of new technology to address these imaging challenges, creating new opportunities. The advanced ghost wavefield elimination (GWE) technique has been applied to the legacy Cornerstone data to extend the bandwidth as near as possible to the new BroadSeis data, so that it can be merged to create... (read more)
2014-11-19 09:28:56

Guidelines for Delivery of the Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM)

The purpose of the new International Association of Oil & Gas Producers’ document is to provide a technical specification for the delivery of seabed survey data in GIS format and in compliance with the OGP Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM). The SSDM utilises geographic data modelling to provide standardisation of how seabed survey data is structured, attributed and presented by survey contractors to operators/clients in GIS format. Operators may use this technical specification to specify the requirements for seabed survey data delivery to their survey contractors, and supplement it with additional company-detailed specifications, if required. (read more)
2013-02-26 03:36:54

DHI Joins World Ocean Council

DHI, Denmark, has joined the World Ocean Council. The company is seeking to better engage in sustainable development and stewardship of the marine and coastal environment through collaboration with the diverse international ocean business leadership community formed by the WOC. DHI is a global player in solving challenges related to the world's oceans through its marine solutions and MIKE Powered by DHI modelling software. The company's membership in the WOC fits well with its efforts to help solve the world's toughest challenges in water environments and will enable DHI to contribute to major commercial developments in relation to the sustainable... (read more)
2015-03-02 03:42:02

New Version dKart Office

HydroService AS has released newly developed post-processing software, dKart Hydrographer 2.1. This tool extends the dKart Office suite of tools that already includes software for synchronised production and maintenance of all nautical chart products, S-57/ENC and paper-based. The new system provides advanced functionality for processing single and multi-beam survey data, solving all the necessary hydrographic tasks (errors detection and elimination, data thinning, 3D sea-bottom modelling, depth contours generation, manual data editing, and S-57 ENC creation out of processed/raw data, etc.). (read more)
2004-03-03 12:00:00
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