CEESCOPE-USV Echosounder for Remote Hydrographic Surveying

CEE HydroSystems has announced the release of a singlebeam echosounder survey system, designed specifically for the growing number of shallow-water unmanned surface vehicle (USV) survey applications using both commercially-available and custom-manufactured remotely operated boats. The CEESCOPE-USV is an echosounder, GNSS and broadband radio telemetry package that can be installed on practically any remotely operated boat. As an entirely self-contained module requiring no interface with the USV, challenges of instrument data integration on the vehicle are minimised or eliminated. Rigorous data handling eliminates latency concerns resulting from radio transmission to the shore, and the CEESCOPE-USV brings a clear separation between the... (read more)
2016-06-13 10:26:25

Remote Intertidal Mapping Technology Enters the Market

Professionals in science and industry will soon be able to map beaches and sandbanks without getting their feet wet. This follows three years of collaborative research resulting in a new commercial licence between National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and Marlan Maritime Technologies to sell new coastal mapping technology. The depth and pattern of sediment on the floor of the intertidal zones changes daily, yet understanding where this sediment resides is vital to being able to manage coastal areas better. For example, knowing how beach sediment movement is influenced by coastal protection measures could help inform how effective they are relative to the... (read more)
2016-09-06 11:30:52

Bibby Remote Intervention Expands Its Fleet

Bibby Remote Intervention Limited (BRIL), part of Aberdeen-based subsea installation contractor, Bibby Offshore, has further expanded its fleet by signing a charter agreement for an IRM (Inspection Repair and Maintenance) light construction vessel and adding an additional two ROVs to its operations. The agreement with Olympic Shipping is for a newly built MT6021 vessel for a three year period, with options to extend for an additional two years. The vessel will be mobilised with ROV’s from BRIL and is expected to arrive in Aberdeen in early April 2015. Additionally BRIL has further expanded its ROV fleet with the purchase of... (read more)
2014-03-12 03:40:38

Call for Abstracts for the Remote Hydrography Conference

The Hydrographic Society UK is organizing a two-day Remote Hydrography conference at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton (UK) on 6-7 May 2020. The organizers are calling for abstracts. Hydrographic surveying is in the midst of a paradigm shift. The development and adoption of disruptive technologies and solutions are increasing survey capacity, capabilities and productivity like never before, whilst simultaneously reducing the risks and costs involved. Variety of Subjects Autonomous and unmanned aerial, surface and underwater survey platforms, remote survey command and support services, and techniques such as satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB), crowdsourced bathymetry (CSB), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML)... (read more)
2019-09-26 04:13:52

Remote AIS AtoN Ocean Current Monitoring Systems at Cruise Terminal

Falmouth Scientific, Inc. (FSI) and RigStat have successfully installed ocean current monitoring systems with Aids to Navigation (AtoN) over AIS communications at the Puerta Maya Cruise Terminal in Cozumel, Mexico. The systems, which were installed on the two Puerta Maya Terminal piers, integrate FSI ACM-PLUS current meters with RigStat environmental monitoring systems to send real-time current speed, current direction and water temperature data to incoming cruise vessels. This enhances the safety of the approach to the terminal. The data is displayed to the ship’s captain as part of the standard AIS data stream. FSI and RigStat teamed to provide a... (read more)
2017-01-09 09:30:28

Remote Monitoring System for The Ocean Cleanup Delivered

On behalf of The Ocean Cleanup, subsea technology company Seatools completed the development, manufacturing, and testing of a remote offshore monitoring system. The monitoring system is currently integrated into the first-ever ocean cleanup system at The Ocean Cleanup’s assembly yard in Alameda, California, USA. In the third quarter of 2018, The Ocean Cleanup’s system will be deployed into the waters between Hawaii and San Francisco. The primary goal of the Pacific trials is to confirm the performance of the cleanup system in a fully operational configuration, before commencing large-scale cleaning plans in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. During the upcoming... (read more)
2018-07-24 08:20:41

Remote Piloting and Automated Control Technology for ROVs

In October 2015, Oceaneering International demonstrated two new technologies in the Gulf of Mexico that will greatly increase remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operational efficiency and reduce costs for its customers. The NEXXUS ROV on the Oceaneering Olympic Intervention IV vessel was successfully piloted via a satellite link from an Oceaneering onshore base. The data/video communications technology that enables this capability was originally developed to aid in diagnosing faults offshore by technical support personnel onshore. The technology has now been further developed to include the ability to remotely pilot the ROV.  With remote piloting, an infield high bandwidth wireless or satellite... (read more)
2015-11-16 10:28:02

iSURVEY Completes Remote Survey Project for Norske Shell

iSURVEY, a leading provider of survey and positioning services to the global oil and gas, offshore renewables and telecommunications markets, has successfully completed a pioneering project for A/S Norske Shell. The project, which took place in July as part of the operator’s Scarabeo 8 drilling campaign, utilised iSURVEY’s survey support remotely from its Oslo headquarters. This marks the first time remote positioning has been applied for a regular DP drill rig move operation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The survey equipment was initially mobilised on board, and then operated from the iSURVEY remote survey control room in Oslo. Surveyors could... (read more)
2018-08-24 08:57:34

Catalysing Huge Markets by Creating Breakthrough Technologies for Ocean pH Sensing

XPRIZE Foundation
The Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE is a USD 2 million prize competition addressing the lack of data on ocean acidification. Ocean acidification cannot be fully addressed because most pH sensor technologies are too imprecise, not durable enough, or too expensive. The Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE is designed to tackle this critical barrier: the winners of this competition will create accurate, robust and affordable pH sensors that will profoundly improve our understanding of ocean acidification. The USD 2 million purse is divided into two purses of USD 1 million that will address the two distinct challenges in measuring ocean... (read more)
2014-05-02 02:40:36

Elephant Seals Used as Remote Data Gatherers for Ocean Research Project

The BBC has reported on how southern elephant seals are being used as ocean samplers (SEaOS project). Valeport, UK, has been working with the University of St Andrews since 2006 to provide bespoke CTD sensors for this project. The specially tagged seals which wander the Southern Ocean are wearing sensors which are programmed to collect and relay temperature and conductivity profiles along with dive information. This initiative is providing insights into the interconnections between ocean physics and ecology. Dr Lars Boehme of the SEaOS project has said the critical flow of information is like ‘tweeting’ and to date they’ve received... (read more)
2015-06-08 09:21:17
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