Advanced Navigation Releases Spatial FOG Dual

Advanced Navigation Releases Spatial FOG Dual

Advanced Navigation releases their GNSS/INS Spatial FOG Dual, a new variant of the Spatial FOG product featuring the addition of high-accuracy dual antenna heading. The system operates with two GNSS antennas that are mounted fore and aft on the vehicle. By continuously measuring the phase difference of the GNSS signal received on each of the antennas, it is able to calculate the bearing between the two antennas which provides a very high accuracy heading source.

This heading source provides the same level of accuracy in both stationary and moving applications and is not affected by magnetic interference making it more accurate and reliable than single antenna systems and magnetic heading systems.

Spatial FOG Dual features the very latest in dual antenna GNSS technology with the new Trimble MB-One integrated.

The product is targeted at survey applications which can benefit greatly from the increased heading accuracy especially under low dynamics conditions.

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