Ageotec Delivers Perseo GTV - 13/12/2012

Ageotec, Italy, has delivered to Cadden (France) its first Perseo GTV. The Perseo GTV fills a gap in deep-sea survey and intervention ROV operations, being an alternative to existing higher-class vehicles whenever cost-effective solutions are required in terms of shipping, handling and vessel support. It can include payloads like multi-beam echosounders and cutters or manipulators.

Main standard vehicle's specifications are: 1,500m depth rating, 200kg weight, 1.5m length x 0.9m width x 0.8m height, adjustable payload from 18 to 40kg, three real-time high-resolution video channels and 8 serial data lines on single-mode fibre optic umbilical. Due to a modular design, all features can be upgraded and a wide variety of sensors and accessories can be installed, including: multibeam sonar, dual head profiler, boom camera, pipe/cable tracker, up to two 5- or 6-function manipulator arms, and more.

The Perseo GTV delivered to Cadden may be configured alternatively to host either a R2Sonic 2022 multibeam echosounder with its ancillary sensors, or two Hydro-lek 5-function manipulators, one of them equipped with a rotary pipe/cable cutter. Switching between the two configurations can be done on deck very quickly, by simply replacing the lower skid-mounted assembly.

Last updated: 27/02/2018