Wave Monitoring off Bermuda - 08/04/2011


Carnegie Wave Energy(Australia) and its Bermuda-based developer Triton Renewable Energy have successfully deployed and commissioned a wave monitoring buoy off the south shore of Bermuda. This buoy is to gather data to quantify the wave energy resource in support of a potential CETO wave energy project in Bermuda.



Such a project will be capable of producing electricity as well as desalinated water from an untapped and abundant renewable energy resource. The wave buoy will be moored for a minimum period of twelve months. The wave data collected will be shared with the Bermudian public, through the partnership with BAS-Serco’s Bermuda Weather Service.


Carnegie and Triton have previously signed a Memorandum of Understanding ('MOU') to develop a commercial CETO wave energy project. Project pre-feasibility and environmental studies have subsequently been completed.



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