Dynamic Approaches to Business

Transas is a developer and supplier of a wide range of software, integrated solutions and hardware technologies for the aviation and marine transportation industry, including both onboard and shore-based applications.<P> The company has come a long way since its birth in 1990 and now Transas’ marine onboard equipment is used on more than 10,000 commercial ships and yachts; Transas’ chart collection consists of more that 13,000 charts; more than 1,700 Transas simulators are installed in 300 training and simulator centres in 70 countries; and Transas’ shore-based Vessel Traffic Management Systems function successfully in more than 70 ports worldwide (see web reference 1).... (read more)
2007-11-01 12:00:00

Dynamic Streamflow Forecasts for Australia

The Bureau of Meteorology, Australia, has developed dynamic streamflow forecasts under the Improving Water Information Programme. This service will provide streamflow forecasts for one-month and three-month periods at 38 locations throughout Australia. This is the first time that monthly streamflow forecasts will be issued through the registered user service. Dynamic streamflow forecasts will provide complementary information to assist with a range of decisions related to river and reservoir management and operations, irrigation supply, water supply and environmental flows. The dynamic streamflow forecasts are produced using the Bureau’s global climate prediction model—the Predictive Ocean Atmosphere Model for Australia, rainfall downscaling, and... (read more)
2014-11-17 08:59:07

Managing and Monitoring Dynamic Environments

TCarta Marine has made dynamic environments easier to monitor and manage with the introduction of its multi-scale Shoreline products. Offered in GIS-ready vector format, the Shoreline datasets are derived from satellite imagery and accurately delineate mean sea level for the land-water interface in coastal areas around the world. TCarta Marine is creating the Vector Shoreline Products at global, national and local scales for mapping applications like environmental protection, coastal infrastructure development and flood insurance rate calculations. Many of the Vector Shoreline Products are available off-the-shelf, while others are custom derived from archived or newly collected satellite imagery. Global and Regional... (read more)
2017-08-09 09:19:13

Dynamic Licensing on ECDIS Systems

Jeppesen Marine announces that a growing list of ECDIS producers have decided to implement dynamic licensing service as part of their overall offer to commercial shipowners. Dynamic licensing allows ECDIS users to acquire chart licenses as they need them, bringing greater simplicity, cost control and transparency to this process.     Given a SENC chart catalogue, ECDIS users need licenses to open up geographic cells of navigational information on ENCs as they sail, or when they plan the route. Dynamic licensing automates the process of acquiring these licenses and simultaneously employs subscription zones and credit limits to control costs. Online... (read more)
2009-02-03 11:10:33

Underwater Positioning

Centimetric Accuracy Underwater-GPS
By Camille Béchaz, ACSA and Fran­­çois Boucquaert, Fugro-Topnav, France Fugro evaluated the accuracy of the GPS Intelligent Buoy (GIB-Lite) system for its possible use in shallow-water offshore underwater positioning applications. The trials proved that system accuracy could be brought up to centimetre level, the distance between two simultaneously tracked acoustic pingers having a standard deviation of 8cm. Additional works next to an offshore production platform are often required to increase oil recovery from an existing reservoir or to maintain its production rate over a longer period of time. The seabed near such a production platform typically shows pipelines, electric cables,... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

Satellite Positioning

Within the last twenty years Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers have revolutionised navigation. Integrated devices are capable of providing time, position, height, direction, heave and attitude to accuracies of a few nanoseconds time, 1cm position or 0.01 degree heading. All potentially displayed on a digital chart background with radar and auto-identification system overlays. In this first of two articles we look at current Satellite Positioning systems, how they work and how we can make them better. In a second article, to appear next month, we explore the future development of Satellite Positioning and the implications for navigation. How does Satellite... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

Time-saving Dynamic Underwater Mapping Solution

Two subsea technology companies, 2G Robotics and Sonardyne International, have entered into a formal collaboration agreement. The two organisations are working together on the development and promotion of a dynamic underwater laser mapping solution which significantly reduces the time needed to survey seafloor sites and offshore structures. The agreement centres on the integration of Sonardyne’s acoustically aided inertial navigation system for underwater vehicles, SPRINT-Mapper, with 2G Robotics’ ULS-500 PRO dynamic underwater laser scanner. Projects conducted over the past six months have shown that combining the high resolution afforded by the 2G Robotics’ laser scanner combined with practical positioning accuracy produces... (read more)
2017-05-09 03:50:35

Xsens to Present Dynamic Magnetic Field Mapper

Xsens (The Netherlands) is presenting dynamic Magnetic Field Mapper at Oceanology International 2014. The Magnetic Field Mapper is useful in dynamic situations or in situations where the movements are not fully 3D, most notably maritime applications. The MFM SDK (API) allows straight-forward embedding the MFM in customer applications. Xsens is at Stand I350 for demonstrations. (read more)
2014-03-07 10:35:40

Dynamic Simulation Study for New FPSO

Fantoft Process Technologies has been awarded a contract by GustoMSC to perform a dynamic simulation study of the topside process system of the newbuild Kikeh field floating, production, storage and offloading vessel (FPSO), which is currently under construction by Malaysia International Shipping Corporation Berhad (MISC) and is due for delivery to the Kikeh field in the second half of 2007. The topside facilities include crude oil separation, gas injection, gas dehydration and water injection. The main purpose of the study is to define the sensitivity of the process design to fluctuations in operating parameters such as flow, pressure and molecular... (read more)
2007-01-12 10:57:59

OSIL's Dynamic Calibration Laboratory Well Used

OSIL are now responsible for the calibration of over one thousand instruments in their dynamic, high precision calibration laboratory. The regular calibration of monitoring instruments is required to ensure that the instrument is working within the manufacturer's specification and providing the highest quality data possible. Typical instruments that OSIL calibrate include Salinometers, CTDs and SVs and Multiparameter Sondes.   OSIL Director, Richard Williams, explains, "Our calibration lab and the services we offer to the industry and going from strength to strength. Our lab is fully ISO 9001:2000 accredited, which gives our customers a level of service that they can trust." ... (read more)
2008-11-12 03:04:51
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