Nautronix Join National Subsea Research Institute

Marine Technology Solutions providers Nautronix have joined key industry players by becoming the latest members of the National Subsea Research Institute (NSRI). Set up to develop and maintain the UK’s position as a centre of excellence for subsea technology, the NSRI combines the UK subsea industry and the university sector to develop and push forward a co-ordinated research strategy and programme for the subsea sector.   Existing subsea industry members include Acergy, BP, Chevron, Fugro, Lloyd's Registrars, Nexen, Petrofac, Shell, Subsea 7, Talisman, Technip, Total and Wood Group. Nautronix, who have invested around £14 million over the last 9 years... (read more)
2009-11-26 11:04:21

Fostering German-Korean Cooperation in Marine Research

The Ambassador of South Korea to Germany, His Excellency Kyung-soo Lee, visited GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel on 4 March 2016. For many years, marine research institutions of both countries have been working together very intensively. During his visit the ambassador underlined the importance of innovative marine research for the welfare of future generations. Germany is often regarded as a high-tech country where much emphasis is placed on high-quality education and research. Nevertheless, compared with South Korea, Germany is still a developing country. At 4.29% of the GDP, South Korea spends the highest percentage worldwide on research and... (read more)
2016-03-07 09:15:44

New Australian Marine Research Vessel under Construction

Construction of Australia's new AUD120 million Marine National Facility research vessel, Investigator, began in Singapore on 30th January 2012. Australia's ocean territory is the third largest in the world and includes unique biodiversity and valuable resources, and marine science is critical for the sustainable management of ocean assets.   The Executive Director of the Future Research Vessel Project at CSIRO, Toni Moate, who attended the steel cutting ceremony in Singapore, said the 93.6 metre research vessel would be capable of conducting marine research from Australia's coastal waters to the Antarctic ice edge and to the tropical waters to the north.... (read more)
2012-01-31 11:13:55

Marine ­Technicians Exchange ­Experiences at Dutch NIOZ ­Institute

Between 25 and 28 September 2012, marine technicians from all continents met at the Dutch NIOZ Institute (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research), on the island of Texel, for the Innovations in Marine Technology (Inmartech) conference. The organisers Erica de Koning and Henk de Haas said that they organised the meeting on behalf of the International Research Ship Operators group (IRSO), and that they specifically targeted technical staff for their meeting. In an informal atmosphere, about a hundred participants from all continents exchanged experiences about scientific installations on board research vessels. The group noted that investments in a state of... (read more)
2013-01-18 01:56:53

AutoNaut Partners with NOC Marine Robotics Innovation Centre

AutoNaut has become a partner of the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre of the UK's National Oceanography Centre (NOC). AutoNaut and NOC have enjoyed a long-term relationship since 2013 and this move is a sign of the company’s increasing ambitions. NOC first worked with AutoNaut (then trading as MOST AV) in 2013 on a government-backed Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition. Following the success of this competition, NOC purchased an AutoNaut vehicle, which now sits as part of its fleet. In 2014 the vehicle’s maiden voyage for the NOC was the participation in Europe’s largest single deployment of surface and submarine... (read more)
2016-11-15 08:53:05

Teledyne Marine's Innovation Preview

The Teledyne Marine companies will be hosting a Product Innovation Preview on Monday, April 4th, one day before the conference officially begins. The companies have scheduled product launches for this conference. The companies presenting include: Teledyne Odom, Teledyne RDI, Teledyne TSS, Teledyne Benthos, Teledyne Gavia, and Teledyne Webb Research.   Ocean Business can be extremely busy withvendors to see, as well as classroom, dockside and at sea training sessions, whichmade Teledyne Marine decide to take advantage of presenting and meeting with interestedprofessionals before the madness of the conference begins.  Attend all or part of this afternoon sessionto gain an in depth... (read more)
2011-03-25 01:47:39

UDT Breathes Innovation and Enterprise

It was a case of standing room only as UDT Conference Chairman Ernst-August Petsch opened the 2010 event at the CCH conference center in Hamburg on Tuesday 8th June. Capt Petsch said that after 20 years - and making its fourth visit to Hamburg - UDT was continuing to show that innovation and enterprise were very much alive in the undersea defence community. The first keynote address was given by Vice Admiral Axel Schimpf, chief of staff, German Navy, who said that the world has changed fundamentally, with globalisation potentially having a significant impact on individual nations' security. He described... (read more)
2010-06-10 05:01:00

Innovation in Coastal Water Monitoring

HCTECH is a technology-based company that started as a spin-off of CIS (Centro de Investigaciones Submarinas SL) in Santiago de Compostela (NW Spain). It was founded to improve the management and to further develop the technical know-how gathered during 10 years of R & D in CIS. The company is dedicated to the designing and manufacturing of water quality monitoring systems and other marine technologies. CIS (Centre for Submarine Investigations), founded in 1987, is an environmental consulting company, specialised in the marine environment. For over a decade, CIS maintained a research, development and innovation department that ­generated techniques to prospect... (read more)
2013-03-26 01:07:53

Innovation Award for Marlan Maritime Technologies

UK-based Marlan Maritime Technologies has created a bespoke solution for port and coastal vessel traffic management using a combination of radar and video camera remote sensing techniques. They were selected as winners for the Merseyside Innovation Awards based on a product that combines science developed at the NOC, Southampton with industrial know-how to provide a radar-based solution to coastal hydrodynamic and bathymetric monitoring. Using radar images of the sea surface and data collected by sensors recording weather conditions, tidal elevations and vessel traffic movements in coastal areas, including shipping channels, combine to provide efficient nearshore monitoring, which can be used... (read more)
2017-07-25 01:34:31

Innovation Platform for Hydrographic Measurements 2.0

Flanders, Belgium, is taking a leap forward into the next generation of bathymetric measurement technology. The economic development of the maritime industry in Flemish harbours demands new and advanced technologies to stay ahead of various challenges. There is especially a need for continuous, accurate and reliable bathymetric measurements over a wide area and at reasonable cost, according to the Maritime Access division of the Department of Mobility and Public Works. The indispensability of digital elevation models as a major source of information for evaluating the effects of human activities in sensitive environments requires breakthrough technologies in hydrographical measurements and data... (read more)
2013-10-29 03:12:34
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