AML Oceanographic Product Launches

AML Oceanographic will be launching two new Xchange sensor-heads and two new instruments at Oceanology International 2012 to be held from 13 to 15 March 2012 in London (UK). The addition of these products creates an ecosystem of six swappable sensor-heads - sound velocity, conductivity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen and turbidity - to be deployed on any of five different instrument models. New sensor-heads include an optical dissolved oxygen sensor-head, DO·Xchange, and a nephelometric turbidity sensor-head, Turbidity·Xchange.  The new X·Series platform is Metrec·X, a multi-parameter real-time instrument designed for externally powered applications like ROVs or AUVs. The companyare is also... (read more)
2012-03-08 09:39:22

Enhanced Seaglider

iRobot is introducing a newly configured Seaglider UUV which can be outfitted with a larger set of fairings that significantly increases the UUV's volume and mass payload capabilities. Payload mass is doubled over Seaglider's original design to four kilograms and payload volume has expanded by 650% to more than 21,000 cubic centimetres, resulting in the ability to integrate both larger sensors and a greater number of sensors with Seaglider.   Seaglider has five sensor payload ports that facilitate a range of capabilities. Recent development efforts have resulted in new sensor offerings for Seaglider, including a pumped sensor that measures conductivity,... (read more)
2011-09-20 03:29:21

Planet Ocean Distributes CONTROS

UK- based Planet Ocean has entered into an agency agreement covering the UK and Ireland with CONTROS (Germany) for their range of CO2 & CH4 sensors. Planet Ocean will be organising a series of user workshops for existing and potential users of CONTROS sensors at their Camberley base later in the year.  CONTROS are a provider of underwater sensors, systems and services for the detection, localisation and measurement of Hydrocarbons and CO2. A spokesman for Planet Ocean names the range of CO2 & CH4 sensors from CONTROS is a perfect fit for the business adding to the range of biogeochemistry... (read more)
2013-06-06 03:25:45

Kongsberg Adds Subsea Monitoring Capabilities to cNODE Transponder Series

The capabilities of Kongsberg Maritime’s cNODE series of transponders for underwater acoustic positioning and data link are expanding with the introduction of cNODE IQAM at Ocean Business. In a first for the established technology-leading transponder range, Kongsberg is offering the ability to log internal sensors and/or customers’ external sensors. This transforms cNODE into a compact, self-contained subsea monitoring system, complete with data processing, positioning and data communication functionality. cNODE IQAM (Intelligent Data Analysis and Monitoring) is an advanced instrument system developed for a broad range of subsea data acquisition and integrity monitoring applications for seabed structures, including anchor piles, manifolds,... (read more)
2017-04-04 10:41:00

New Line of Miniature Inertial Sensors

SBG Systems, France, has announced the release of the Ellipse Series, a new product range of miniature inertial systems replacing the IG-500 Series. According to the company, customers benefit from higher accuracy, advanced filtering and features inspired from high-end inertial navigation systems. Interesting for the marine industry, Ellipse is a full-featured inertial sensor to additionally provide heave, automatically adjusted to the wave frequency. After many years and thousands of sensors in the field, the IG-500 Series is being replaced by a brand-new generation: the Ellipse Series. This new series of miniature inertial systems benefits from a new design, new sensors,... (read more)
2014-09-05 12:00:00

AADI Smart Sensors for CEFAS

RS Aqua Ltd, UK distributors for Aanderaa Data Instruments (AADI) have shipped a further quantity of model 3919B Conductivity (Salinity) sensors to the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) in Lowestoft, UK. The sensors are used aboard the CEFAS Smartbuoy, an in-situ, real-time, coastal monitoring system deployed at various sites around the UK coastline.   The 3919B forms part of Aanderaa's "Smart Sensor" range of high-accuracy, rugged, multi-output format sensors for ocean research and coastal monitoring applications. The specified accuracy for the 3919B is +/- 0.0018S/m with a response time of less than 3s. (read more)
2009-10-09 10:29:50

MacArtney Appointed as TriOS Product Representative

The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group announces that the Group has been appointed as exclusive product representative for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain and the USA by TriOS Optical Sensors. Further to the above, MacArtney has also been appointed non-exclusive product representative for the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands and China, with focus on the environmental and non-industrial markets. The agreement includes TriOS Optical Sensor solutions for environmental research and monitoring applications in oceans, rivers and lakes as well as in industrial and offshore markets. The sensor palette comprises hyperspectral light sensors, turbidity meters, photometers... (read more)
2004-06-07 12:00:00

Valeport Launches Environmental Optical Sensors

Valeport, a British designer and manufacturer of hydrographic and oceanographic instruments, has launched two environmental optical sensors, a standalone turbidity sensor and a fluorometer. The first one of the new range, the Hyperion Turbidity, is the industry’s first standalone turbidity sensor that combines a Nephelometer and OBS readings in the same instrument. Created for inshore, coastal and oceanographic monitoring, this sensor delivers a minimum detection level of just 0.03 NTU (nephelometer) and can measure turbidity up to 6,000 NTU (OBS). The titanium housing, data output up to 16Hz and low power requirements ensure the sensor can be placed in situ for... (read more)
2019-04-29 10:48:40

XTP Sensors Deployed on UpTempO Buoy

An experimental drifting buoy equipped with eXpendable Temperature and Pressure (XTP) sensors from Soundnine Inc (USA) was deployed for the UpTempO project. The UpTempO project, headed by Dr. Mike Steele of the University of Washington, Polar Science Center, uses inexpensive buoys to measure the Upper layer Temperature of the Polar Oceans. The buoy was deployed in northern Hudson bay on 14 June 2018 by Canadian research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen. It transmits real-time temperature and conductivity data to 25 metres deep, enabling scientists to measure the rate of surface warming as Arctic sea ice increasingly thins and retreats each summer. Pacific... (read more)
2018-07-17 08:55:54

MINIpack for Antarctic Deployments

The MINIpack CTD Fluorimeter has been optimised for use in the Antarctic. The MINIpack is a very compact sensor and it has now been complimented with a low-profile guard specifically designed for deployments through ice holes. A standard ice auger hole is 250mm diameter. With the new guard the MINIpack diameter only increases from 120mm to 140mm making it suited for measurements through ice boreholes.   An internal lithium battery and removable SmartMedia card means that the MINIpack has no external connectors.   MINIpack can also be used as the core of a larger multi-parameter system. As such, it may... (read more)
2009-07-24 02:33:55
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