Oceanology International 2016 Provides Update on Ocean Technology

Promising Event for Oceanographic and Hydrographic Community
Hydro International traditionally prepares a preview of Oceanology International to help you prepare for the highlights of what businesses on the show floor will be presenting. The Hydro International preview offers you a selection of the more than 350 companies from 32 countries that will be present at the trade show. The total surface is over 8,000 square metres so consider wearing your walking boots!  Joost Boers, editorial manager, Hydro International There will also be is a conference during Oceanology focusing on streams like Trade & Innovation; Marine Technology and Services Sector Role in the Blue Economy; Marine Renewables; Positioning & Metrology; Green Shipping;... (read more)
2016-03-01 11:47:03

Candidates Presenting for IHO Office

First IHO Assembly to Elect Secretary-General and Directors
During the first IHO Assembly taking place from 24 to 28 April 2017 in Monaco, the represented Member States will elect the new Secretary-General and directors. There are currently nine candidates. 'Hydro International' posed the same 5 questions to all of them. Read on for a multi-interview in which they present themselves. The full interviews are available at www.hydro-international.com/iho-2017 . Giuseppe Angrisano and Joost Boers, Hydro International Some coastal states are not yet members of the IHO. How do you envisage improving the number of the IHO Member States? Bessero I would continue to focus on raising awareness of governments and other decision-makers... (read more)
2017-03-13 11:22:59

Gentlemen, on Your Marks!

IHB Candidates for a Director Position Ready to Go
Every five years, tensions at the International Hydrographic Conference in Monaco rise to a maximum, when the Member States of the IHO gather to vote for the three director positions at the International Hydrographic Bureau (IHB). The next Conference will take place from 23 to 27 April, and it is election time again. So far, the Bureau has received nine nominations, from five continents. One nomination is a current director, Robert Ward from Australia. The other two current directors, Vice Admiral Alexandros Maratos from Greece and Captain Hugo Gorziglia from Chile, are not allowed to be nominated again as they... (read more)
2012-04-20 12:15:43

A Meteorologist, Hydrographer and Electronic Chart Specialist

Interview with Mr Horst Hecht
He started his career as a meteorologist, became head of the computer section of the ‘Deutsches Hydrographisches Institut’ (DHI) in 1970 and was responsible for IT affairs, which brought him into close contact with hydrography and digital cartography. In 1988 he was appointed as Director of the Department of Nautical Hydrography, which became in 1990 a department of the German ‘Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie’ (BSH). He participated in many working groups of the International Hydrographic Organisation, where his opinion was always highly valued. For many years he was and still is the Chairman of the ‘Deutsche Hydrographische Gesellschaft’ and... (read more)
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The Winners Are…

Six Candidates So Far
Every five years an International Hydrographic Conference (IHC) of all Member States (at present 77) of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO), represented by their Hydrographers, convenes in Monaco to elect a new Directing Committee, a president and two directors for its International Hydrographic Bureau (IHB). The IHC will this year be held from 7th to 11th May 2007 at the Auditor–ium ‘Rainier III’ in Monaco, together with Hydrographic Industry and IHO Chart exhibitions. As of early March, six names had been put forward for the canditature. Nomination by the governments of their respective countries is such an honour that all... (read more)
2007-04-04 12:00:00

A Farewell to Times Past

HI Interviews Admiral Steve Ritchie, Columnist ‘As it Was’
We have all enjoyed the column entitled ‘As it Was’, contributed since the very first issue of Hydro international by Admiral Steve Ritchie. The piece has always been very much appreciated and we have received many positive reactions to it. Steve’s lifetime has encompassed the technical revolution in hydrography; it is seventy years since he entered the surveying service and forty since he became UK Hydrographer. So that in terms of memory alone he was the perfect man to carry the ‘As it Was’ column. But he also had a reputation as author of some interesting publications, including his books... (read more)
2007-03-02 12:00:00

OpenSeaMap – the Free Nautical Chart

The biggest worldwide geodatabase, made by the crowd
Nautical charts are expensive, and in many countries data are not always up to date. OpenSeaMap is an alternative solution which is free for anybody to use worldwide. Following the example of Wikipedia, the data are collected by volunteers and are visible on the chart within just a few minutes. OpenSeaMap involves experienced mariners, programmers and thousands of data collectors, all of whom are working to produce a nautical chart with comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date data for water sports which is open to everyone and free of charge. OpenSeaMap – the free nautical chart – covers oceans and inland waterways... (read more)
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Quality ENC Production for HOs

The challenges facing the contractor
Hydrographic Offices (HOs) all over the world are going digital in their production environment. New shipboard equipment and improved display techniques embrace all the latest technologies in the interests of ensuring the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). HOs increasingly seek to produce and distribute ENCs to standards specified in IHO Special Publication S57 (edition 3.1). The production and validation of ENC datasets to achieve these stringent quality requirements are outlined here. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has amended SOLAS articles relating to carriage requirements for the use of ECDIS in certain types of vessels. When production is outsourced manufacturers... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

Crossing Thresholds in Seafloor Mapping

Hydro Int’l Interviews Capt. A. Armstrong, NOAA (retd)
US Hydro 2007 Conference takes place this month in Norfolk, Virginia, organised by the Hydrographic Society of America. It will be the eleventh event of its kind, celebrating the two hundredth anniversary of the founding of US Coast Survey. The conference will include technical sessions on the latest developments and applications in hydrographic surveying, multi-beam and side-scan sonar, data management, electronic charting, marine archaeology and related topics. Hydro International took this opportunity of interviewing president of the Hydrographic Society of America and regional correspondent for HI, Andy Armstrong. Can you give our readers a brief summary of your career in... (read more)
2007-05-09 12:00:00

The Study of Mapping the Seafloor

What is the Difference Between a Bathymetry Chart and a Hydrographic Chart?
This article will immerse you into the deep water of Bathymetry. It explains in detail what a bathymetry map is, what it shows, what methods we use to collect the bathymetry data and last but not least, how to create a good quality bathymetry map. It will also cover the difference between a bathymetry chart and a hydrographic chart and the techniques our ancestors used in the past to collect and record depths. What is Bathymetry? Bathymetry is the study of mapping the seafloor. Bathymetric maps represent the ocean (sea) depth as a function of geographical coordinates, just as topographic maps... (read more)
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