Real-time Integrated Environmental Monitoring System at EMEC

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC, UK) has successfully recovered its novel Integrated Monitoring Pod following months of transmitting real-time data feeds from the seabed at the Fall of Warness tidal energy test site in Orkney. The pre-commercial prototype is connected to the shore via a subsea cable to facilitate 24/7 real-time data collection, and has been delivering live data feeds back to EMEC which can be used by marine energy developers using the site. The bespoke system, designed by EMEC to operate in high velocity tidal flows, integrates a variety of sensors to undertake comprehensive concurrent environmental measurements, providing... (read more)
2015-12-15 10:12:33

Thermo Electron Launches New Software for Environmental Reporting

Thermo Electron Corporation has developed a new software package for environmental reporting, EnviroLab Forms. Designed to complement Thermo’s Finnigan DSQ GC/MS family of single quadrupole mass spectrometers, Envirolab Forms is a user-friendly program and gives environmental laboratories a choice of ten reporting formats. Specifically written for the EPA methods performed on Finnigan GC/MS systems, EnviroLab Forms is a new, layered application that can be applied to data from Xcalibur 1.3 and above. Ten different automated reports can be generated giving the environmental analyst increased confidence in the results, which comply with preset published criteria. Unique to EnviroLab Forms are the... (read more)
2004-05-14 12:00:00

Record-breaking Attendance at CEDA-IADC Environmental Training

The CEDA-IADC Environmental Training Course, jointly developed and presented by the Central Dredging Association (CEDA) and the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC), was held on 13th and 14th December 2011 in Abu Dhabi (UAE). Initiated and sponsored by the National Marine Dredging Company, NMDC, the course took place at the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT). With 37 participants attending, this was the biggest EAD course ever held.   The organisers had to enlist some extra help: the two regular lecturers Gerard van Raalte (Boskalis/Hydronamic, The Netherlands) and Nick Bray (HR Wallingford, UK) were assisted by Mark van Koningsveld (Van... (read more)
2011-12-26 12:00:00

OceanWise Improves Integration of Environmental Data Solution ‘Port-Log’

OceanWise’s latest development Port-Log, the storage and publishing solution for environmental data, has been developed to be an addition of an Application Programming Interface (API). The API allows customers to gain control over how Port-Log is used in their organisation, maximising the benefits of the data and providing a way for customers to integrate data into their own processes and workflows and support their specific business needs. An API can allow programs to communicate with each other by metaphorically ‘opening the door’ on one application and allowing another to interact with it. As connectivity becomes more and more important and the... (read more)
2018-11-27 08:43:45

Netherlands and USA Cooperate in Environmental Security Certification Programme

Partrac GeoMarine, a Houston, USA, based Marine Survey and Consultancy company, has announced the award by the US Department of Defense (DoD) of a 3-year contract to demonstrate a new tool for mapping the in situ distribution of Contaminants of Concern (COCs) in aquatic sediments. The award is part of the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP), the DoD's environmental technology demonstration and validation programme. Partrac, together with its Netherlands based partner Medusa Explorations, will deploy the new instrument at up to three contaminated DoD Superfund sites to map the distribution of COCs such as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Polychlorinated Biphenyls... (read more)
2019-07-04 11:55:22

Sensor Combination for Environmental Monitoring in Gulf Spill

Chelsea Technologies Group has seen growing demand for its UV AQUAtracka fluorimeter to monitor the extent and dispersion of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Originally designed for military use, these highly sensitive fluorimeters are monitoring the extent of the oil from surface waters to full ocean depth. The UV AQUAtracka is now being used in combination with the FASTtracka Mark II fast repetition rate fluorimeter to monitor the effects of the oil on the primary productivity of the Gulf. The FASTtracka II has undergone extensive challenge testing to characterise its response to contamination events in the aquatic... (read more)
2010-09-24 09:50:43

Exploration Works and Environmental Analysis in Sea of Okhotsk

Russian oil company Rosneft is due to start field seismic prospecting at the licensed blocks Lisyansky, Kashevarovsky and Magadan-1. Rosneft is performing a geological study at the blocks jointly with its partner Statoil ASA (Norway). Currently 2D seismic surveys along with shipborne gravity magnetic surveys are planned for the blocks. The data is to be collected by geophysical methods from the specialised research vessel called 'Academik Fersman'. The works will cover a total of 10,000 linear kilometres: 5,300km on the Lisyansky licensed block, 2,000km on the Kashevarovsky block and 2,700km on Magadan-1. Environmental and fishery research studies are to be... (read more)
2013-07-01 09:26:42

Environmental Ship to be Fitted with Navigation Radars

Northrop Grumman Corporation has received orders to supply navigation radars for a new ship being built for the Norwegian environmental organization Green Warriors of Norway. The Green Warriors’ ship, M/V Miljødronningen, will be fitted with two VisionMaster FT radars supplied by Northrop Grumman’s Sperry Marine business unit. The radars will be integrated with the vessel’s electronic chart display and information system and voyage data recorder, and will provide the conference room with live information from the bridge operation. The M/V Miljødronningen will serve as a floating conference center and environmental surveillance platform. It will also conduct a variety of subsea... (read more)
2007-06-13 12:00:00

Fast-turnaround Habitat Mapping for Environmental Impact Assessments

Proteus FZC, UAE, has launched a fast-turnaround habitat mapping solution designed for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs). Through the service, Proteus delivers high-resolution classification maps of terrestrial areas onshore and on the seafloor in shallow-water marine environments. The Proteus habitat mapping service can be completed in a fraction of the time and is cost effective compared with traditional mapping methods. The solution is designed for use by engineering and construction firms, environmental consultancies and government agencies involved in the development of energy infrastructure, pipelines, power stations, desalination plants, port facilities and other projects where EIAs are mandated. For its mapping solution,... (read more)
2014-08-08 12:00:00

Open-source Software for the Environmental Data Science Community

Cohort company SEA has developed innovative data visualisation software and made it available as open-source for the environmental data science community. The software, developed by SEA’s Research and Technical Support (RTS) division, enables users to access environmental data from servers over the internet and view it in different ways. The interactive data viewing enables rapid analysis and understanding of the features of complex, high-dimensionality data. RTS has used it for analysing oceanographic data variability in order to better understand military sonar performance in complex underwater environments.  RTS has engaged with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and Royal Navy... (read more)
2017-05-08 11:31:18
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