Six RTK CEESCOPE Echosounder Systems for Australian Navy

Hydrographic echosounder manufacturer CEE HydroSystems recently completed the delivery of several CEESCOPE 200kHz singlebeam echosounder survey systems for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) hydrographic group based in Cairns, Australia. The CEESCOPE ultra-compact waterproof singlebeam 200kHz sonar systems were supplied with built-in RTK GNSS receivers, UHF radio and activated L-Band subscription differential corrections to give the RAN surveyors flexibility in terms of their satellite positioning solution. Replacing their existing and ageing CEEDUCER echo sounders, the CEESCOPE units will be used for near shore littoral Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) surveys. For example, a REA may be needed to facilitate safe navigation of a... (read more)
2016-05-20 11:02:02

EUR200 Million Port Contract for Boskalis

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis, Netherlands) has won a contract for the construction of a new port terminal TX2 at Superporto do Açu in Brazil. The Açu Superport industrial complex in the north of Rio de Janeiro state is the largest port-industry enterprise in Latin America and is expected to become one of the largest port complexes in the world. TX2 will accommodate the largest shipyard of Latin America and will be constructed by OSX Construção Naval S.A..   The scope of the work includes the dredging of an access and inner channel, turning basin and harbour basin as well... (read more)
2011-08-01 10:49:55

Dam Security System

L3 Klein's HarborGuard Radar System has been selected as a key security component for a critical Western US dam. The L3 Klein HarborGuard will include a Klein's Small Target Detection Radar that will provide continuous coverage for dams and lakes and monitor all surface targets, with special attention focused on the security zones protecting critical structures. The L3 Klein HarborGuard system will provide immediate alerts as well as updated threat positions to a central Security Management System. Radar coverage of dams and critical lakes poses a unique challenge because of the dramatic changes in water levels. In some dams water... (read more)
2011-01-11 03:26:10

Piracy in High Resolution - from Space

Piracy at sea evolved along with the maritime trade. But in the recent years acts of piracy became much more frequent bringing criminal groups the income comparable to budgets of some countries. The leading place in terms of robbery scope is taken by armed groups from Somalia seizing commercial vessels in the region of the Horn of Africa.     The most notorious attacks of the Somali pirates were the seizure of the Ukrainian dry-cargo freighter "Faina" carrying arms and the Saudi tanker Sirius Star loaded with crude oil. Over 100 seizure attempts have been taken since January this year,... (read more)
2008-12-30 04:23:07

CEDA Dredging Days 2012 In Abu Dhabi

High-quality and inspiring technical presentations, an exhibition showcasing the latest advances in technology, and a superb programme of site visits, social events and partner tours – this is what awaits visitors to CEDA Dredging Days in Abu Dhabi on 12 and 13 December 2012. Entitled 'Virtue, Venture and Vision in the Coastal Zone', the next edition of the Central Dredging Association’s signature series of conferences, the CEDA Dredging Days, will take place at the Beach Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi with the Society of Engineers – UAE as Supporting Partner. CEDA Dredging Days 2012 will be preceded by the CEDA-IADC... (read more)
2012-11-29 09:41:26

Local History Mapping for FarSounder 3D Forward-looking Navigation Sonar

FarSounder has announced its Local History Mapping (LHM) feature, which offers users the ability to build a 3D map of the seafloor over which they have recently sailed. This map is updated with every ping and is displayed as an overlay on top of the system’s nautical chart display. This new overlay is displayed in conjunction with the real-time sonar overlay. This combination enables users to quickly see what lies ahead and what they have recently passed over. LHM capabilities will be included as part of FarSounder's standard navigation sonar software starting with SonaSoft 3.3. Since FarSounder 3D forward-looking sonar has... (read more)
2016-11-14 10:35:14

Aberdeen Port Expansion Study

Aberdeen Harbour Board, UK, has commenced a major feasibility study into the potential expansion of facilities at the port. The potential for expansion will be considered alongside specific criteria, with the need for efficient and effective access links and minimising traffic being of prime importance. The study, involving external consultancies working alongside the Harbour’s management team, is designed to explore the future requirements of present and potential port users while also assessing what could be physically provided in order that a comprehensive and clear business case can be considered. The initial findings are expected in the new year. Continued growth... (read more)
2012-09-12 02:30:18

Fugro Strengthens Metocean Modelling Capabilities

Increased interest in new development areas for oil & gas and renewable energy is resulting in a growing demand for high-quality metocean data relating to these largely unexplored regions. In response, Fugro has strengthened its numerical modelling capabilities. Modelling the complexities of local environmental conditions requires refinement, both in the wind fields driving the models and in the model grid size. Although global models are available, their scale is often too large to capture regional features like tropical cyclones with enough accuracy. Fugro’s newly expanded team of modellers are now working to fill this gap by creating a range of... (read more)
2014-11-18 11:57:36

Sonardyne Awarded Underwater Surveillance Contract

Sonardyne International has received a contract from Port Freeport in Texas, USA and its construction partner Cardinal Mechanical LP for the supply of a Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar and a deployment system for a fixed, permanent installation within the port. The Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar (IDS) system is able to protect vessels, ports and waterside installations from intrusion by divers, swimmers or surface vehicles. The system uses innovative sonar technology and intelligent software to automatically detect, track and classify an underwater threat at long ranges. The Sentinel system will be integrated into the Port's new command and control system that... (read more)
2009-10-22 01:11:23

Facts About Building with Nature

The most recent information update in the IADC series of concise, easy-to-read "management summaries", giving overviews of essential information on specific dredging and maritime construction subjects is Facts About Building with Nature. The publication introduces a new approach to planning, designing and operating dredging and maritime infrastructure projects. Building with Nature seeks positive, pro-active opportunities using the dynamics of the natural system as the starting point.     The concept Building with Nature began in 1979 with the Dutch engineer Honzo Svašek and over the last thirty years has been expanded and promoted by Dr. Ronald E. Waterman who linked... (read more)
2011-01-26 10:00:00
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