SevenCs Supports Wind Propulsion in Shipping

SevenCs is part of the EU INTERREG V A cross-border project 'MariGreen' to support the maritime industry in the transition towards more efficient, greener and more sustainable shipping. SevenCs engages in the MariGreen work stream 'Wind propulsion in commercial shipping'. As a partner in the subproject 'Windship Modelling and voyage optimization' SevenCs will investigate, together with the project partners, vessel modelling software providing automated voyage optimisation criteria for wind propulsion supported vessels. The number of external parameters influencing a voyage significantly increases for this type of vessel. Therefore the development of the vessel modelling software and the connection of this... (read more)
2016-02-08 02:04:35

Oceans '09

The MTS/IEEE Oceans Conference has returned to Biloxi, MS (USA), for Oceans ‘09. The Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center previously hosted Oceans ‘02 in October 2002. Oceans ‘09 welcomed over 1,400 attendees, 163 exhibitors and 33 student posters from 35 different countries. In addition to hardware companies, this year’s exhibitors included local universities, government offices and military research laboratories. The opening ceremonies had keynote and plenary speakers from the US government at different levels, US military, private industry and academia. All speakers expressed the theme of co-ordinating ocean research efforts across this broad spectrum of interests. Captain John Cousins... (read more)
2009-12-29 02:02:39

Greater Awareness of Coastal Environment

TechWorks Marine Ltd.
TechWorks Marine is based in Dublin, Ireland, from where we service clients worldwide in the provision of oceanographic products and related data services. Our expanding team has a diverse range of skills relating to electronic engineering and marine science as well as mechanical engineering and earth observation. TechWorks Marine is a privately owned SME, founded in 2002 by Charlotte O’Kelly (managing director) and Philip Trickett (technical director), which develops data loggers for use on multi-sensor oceanographic data buoys in the marine sector. The TMBB range of data acquisition and transmission systems are core to all the integrations supplied to clients... (read more)
2015-04-03 01:26:36

Yahya Memarzadeh

Yahya Memarzadeh received his PhD in Satellite Geodesy and Ionosphere modelling from Delft University of Technology in 2009. He is currently a geodesist in the R&D team of GNSS precise positioning and ionospheric scintillation monitoring at Fugro Intersite B.V. in the Netherlands (read more)
2017-06-07 11:50:51

Dmitry Vershinin

Dmitry A. Vershinin is a head of the Research Laboratory of Hydrological and Ecological Problems and Associate Professor of the Department of Hydrology at Tomsk State University, Russia. He is an engineer/hydrologist and Candidate of Science (Geology). His research interests include fluvial processes, sediment transport, ice-jams, and modelling of hydrologic processes. He has more than 40 research publications and 20 reports. (read more)
2017-11-02 10:24:39

Bas Binnerts

Bas Binnerts received his MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Structural Dynamics and Acoustics in 2012 from the University of Twente. In 2012, he joined the Acoustics and Sonar department as a research scientist specialising in Underwater Acoustic modelling for both civil and military applications. (read more)
2017-06-01 03:24:01

Airborne Lasers Assess Flood Risks

Highly accurate 3D digital maps, captured from aircraft-mounted lasers, are being used to assess the risk of flooding at critical utility sites across the UK. The project, undertaken by Ambiental on behalf of one of the UK's largest water companies, used LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data supplied by aerial survey specialist Bluesky to help examine the likelihood, extent and depth of potential flooding as part of a review of flood defence measures at each of the five sites. The Bluesky data is part of 3D terrain map, available online, that covers most of England and Wales including all major... (read more)
2009-04-08 09:37:39

Gas Exploration Beyond the Shelf Break: An Oceanographic Challenge.

Thiem, O., Berntsen, J., Eldevik, T. and Alendal, G., 2006.Environmental Modelling & Software Progress in Marine Environmental Modelling, 21: pp 136-141.Norway’s second largest gas field, Ormen Lange, is located 140km west off Kristiansund at an unprecedented depth when it comes to exploration. It will be the first Norwegian project beyond the shelf break. Exploration and development of the field is thus a challenge. An important issue during the planning stage is to understand the current conditions and hydrography of the site. This is especially important regarding pipeline design, deployment and operations. A complicating factor for estimating design currents is the... (read more)
2007-04-04 12:00:00

Optech to Host Lidar Solutions Conference

The second Innovative Lidar Solutions Conference (ILSC) will be held in Toronto, Canada, from 31st May to 3rd June 2011. An initial call for presentations has been issued. ILSC 2011 represents a forum for industry professionals to discuss best practices and explore real-world Lidar solutions. Topics of special interest will include new methods for maximising project accuracies, application-specific sensor designs and exploring the challenges of delivering data to a dynamic spatial-information marketplace. The broad acceptance of Lidar data as an essential tool for 3D modelling, mapping and analysis is fostering expanded use into new application spaces, including railway asset management... (read more)
2010-11-16 09:57:39

Subscription Plans for Oasis Montaj Suite

Geosoft has announced subscription plans for its Oasis montaj suite of geoscience software with options that include monthly, annual and multi-year terms. This follows the company’s introduction, earlier this year, of subscription plans for its Target geology software and marks Geosoft’s commitment to making all of its desktop software available by subscription. The Oasis montaj Essentials Subscription provides cost-effective access to the suite of 3D modelling and geoscience data analysis tools for exploring near surface, subsurface and marine environments. Subscribers can add more capabilities with over 15 geoscience extensions for geology and geochemistry; geophysical processing, interpretation and modelling; and specialised... (read more)
2017-07-27 10:54:12
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